Water Hyacinth Drawer Unit

4 drawer water hyacinth unit with cut-out handles
Water Hyacinth 4 Drawer Storage Unit
W72 × D29 × H40 cm
Vertical storage unit with 3 woven water hyacinth drawers
Pine and Water Hyacinth 3 Drawer Storage Unit
W40 × D30 × H80 cm
White-painted storage unit with 5 woven water hyacinth drawers
Pine and Water Hyacinth 5 Drawer Storage Unit
W78 × D30 × H71 cm

The combination of woven water hyacinth and framing materials ensures that this collection of drawer units are not only incredibly strong and durable but also timelessly stylish – integrating with ease into the neutral setting of a modern home, while balancing out the hordes of natural wood in a rustic setting. Read more…

The use of water hyacinth as the woven outer material for these sets of drawers is interesting because it infuses each piece with a unique colour palette – ranging from cool and neutral beige shades and into deeper and richer browns as the design continues.

The weave itself is thickset and chunky, making it a staple feature of the drawer unit, while the different frames range from a concealed acacia wood base frame to a more decoration white frame which lends itself to the more modern designs.

One of the best things about these drawer units is that they can be used in any room of the home, from the bedroom to a living area, a home office, hallway, or as additional kitchen storage.

With a range of frames and finishes available, homeowners can choose from low set or taller units, with drawers of different sizes and depths to suit all spaces.

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