Ariel Mirrored & Illuminated Bathroom Cabinet

Single mirrored bathroom cabinet with overhead lighting
Ariel Single Mirrored and Illuminated Bathroom Cabinet
Features infra-red touch-free light operation and a trio of adjustable shelves
W50 × D17 × H72 cm
2-door mirrored cabinet with overhead lighting
Ariel Double Mirrored and Illuminated Bathroom Cabinet
With 3 internal glass shelves and touch-free light operation
W60 × D17 × H72 cm

With so many bathroom cabinets available on the market, finding the right one for you can be difficult. Not only do you need to consider placement and how the cabinet will interact with other features and fittings in your bathroom, but you also need to think about how much storage space is available, how accessible the cabinet is, and whether it compliments your design scheme. Read more…

The Ariel mirrored and illuminated bathroom cabinet has been designed with all of this (and more) in mind, combining a simple and neutral aesthetic with the convenience of a top-mounted strip bulb light and a series of adjustable integrated shelves.

From the outside, this unit presents as a standard mirror on your wall, illuminated by a light which is mounted just above the mirror.

Behind the mirror lies your convenient bathroom storage, with three shelves built into the unit which are completely adjustable and can be moved up and down according to your specific needs.

A magnetic door prevents the cabinet from opening when not in use, while the light itself is operated by an infrared touch-free fitting for complete hygiene and convenience.

A simple but highly versatile addition to your bathroom.

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