Slatted Bathroom Furniture

Bamboo bathroom wall cabinet with mirror
Mirrored Slatted Bathroom Cabinet
A bamboo wood cabinet with curved edges and slatted frame complete with a wide shelf and single sliding mirror door
W66 × D16 × H50 cm
Bamboo floor cabinet with slatted door
Slatted Bathroom Cupboard
A single door floor cabinet with an attractive slatted design, internally there are a pair of shelves
W35 × D36 × H85 cm
Bamboo bathroom tallboy with slatted door
Slatted Bathroom Tallboy
This tall cabinet features a set of 3 open shelf spaces as well as another 3 in the base, concealed with a slatted door
W36 × D35 × H160 cm

Every bathroom needs some element of storage, but how do you go about choosing a set of furnishings which offer both convenience and a stylish aesthetic – all while minimising the need for floorspace? Read more…

Let’s be honest, bathrooms are typically quite small rooms – and they can often become humid and damp on a regular basis.

As such, any furnishing or storage item that you buy for your bathroom needs to be durable and well-ventilated, while making use of aspects such as height and wall-mounted installation rather than demanding vast expanses of floor space.

Enter the slatted bathroom furniture collection. Crafted from a hard-wearing bamboo material, these slatted units and furnishings embrace the natural patterning and beauty of the wood, in a way that injects natural vibes into your bathroom.

The slatted frontage on each unit promotes good ventilation and keeps the overall aesthetic light and airy, while the functional design of each item ensures that each makes optimal use of its floorspace.

The collection includes a wall-mounted unit with integrated mirror for above your sink, a mid-level cabinet, and a taller bathroom unit with both closed storage and open-fronted shelves. Ensuring that there really is a home for everything you need in your bathroom.

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