Black Metal Bathroom Storage

If you’re looking to enhance the storage access in your bathroom without taking up valuable floorspace with vast shelving units and cabinets, then this black metal bathroom collection is perfect for you…

Black metal wall shelf with towel rail and hooks
A minimalist, wall-mounted shelf with 5 round hooks
W50 × D50 × H13 cm
Freestanding black metal 3-tier shelf unit
Metal 3 Tier Bathroom Storage Unit
A free-standing unit with 3 basket shelves
W28 × D16 × H76 cm
Black metal, freestanding toilet roll holder
Metal Toilet Butler, Black
This black metal stand has space to store 4 extra toilet rolls
W14 × D17 × H73 cm
Black metal leaning towel ladder
Metal Towel Ladder
A leaning-ladder style unit with 4 towel rails
W48 × D3 × H160 cm
Free-standing towel stand
Metal 2 Tier Towel Rail
A double, freestanding unit which comes ready-assembled
W48 × D13 × H77 cm

Designed with a minimalist approach to storage, combining the matte black frame with functional and accessible structures, each piece in this collection offers an affordable solution to an everyday issue. Read more…

Some of the top products in the collection include a toilet roll holder with integrated extra roll storage, a wall mounted shelf with towel hook, a three-tier storage shelving unit, and a couple of different sized towel ladders to storage your towels.

The benefit of all these items and others besides is that the minimalist structure means the frame can be moved throughout your bathroom with ease and does not take up much floor space – allowing light to flow through and around each item, and also resisting damage from water or moisture in the air.

The purpose of this collection is to provide bathroom storage which is practical, but which enhances the modern style of a family bathroom – all without wasting space.

Lightweight but durable, the black metal bathroom set will help ensure you have access to what you need, when you need it.

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