Bathroom Ladder Shelves

Black metal frame with 3 wooden shelves and a large round mirror
Tyrol Ladder Shelf Unit with Mirror
A set of 3 wooden shelves contained withing a slender black metal frame and a large round mirror on top
W53 × D23 × H160 cm
£250 from
Leaning ladder unit with 2 shelves
Fulton Pine Effect Bathroom Toilet Ladder
Ideal if you’re short on space, this unit rests above the toilet with a pair of dark wood shelves and a black-painted frame
W67 × D35 × H162 cm
£59 from
White-painted step-ladder-style shelf unit
Nautical White Ladder Shelves
A freestanding unit with 5 shelves and a crisp white-painted finish.
W42 × D36 × H150 cm
£49 from
Bamboo frame ladder unit with 4 white gloss shelves
Elements White Ladder Shelves Unit
A set of 4 white finish shelves mounted on a contrasting bamboo frame
W43 × D41 × H120 cm
£38 from
Black frame towel ladder with shelf
Fulton Wood Black Ladder Shelf
Black towel ladder with 4 rungs and a wooden shelf
W25 × D45 × H163 cm
£60 from
Bamboo leaning unit with 4 white shelves
Habitat Bamboo Ladder with Mirror Shelving Unit
Bamboo leaning unit with 4 white shelves and a round mirror
W40 × D30 × H170 cm
£75 from

Finding stylish and practical bathroom storage solutions can be tough, particularly as you navigate the collections of open shelving, concealed units, cabinets, and both tall and short solutions for different sized spaces. Read more…

While installing a cabinet above and below the sink has become the standard in many bathrooms, this ladder shelving solution is a more innovative option which utilises the height of the space and turns storage into more of a decorative feature – delivering both a minimalist and incredibly timeless finish.

The beauty of this particular collection lies in the diversity of the range as a whole, which takes the concept of a ladder shelving unit and fits it into any and every setting possible – ensuring that there really is a solution available for all homeowners and bathrooms.

From a tall ladder unit with a mounted mirror at the top, to a unit which sits over the top of a toilet and adds shelving to the wall above your toilet facility, homeowners are free to use this ladder for both storage and display purposes.

A great way to add life and personality to your bathroom, maximising the use of floor space and keeping the aesthetic of your room clear and simple.

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