Loft Living Bathroom Cabinets

Oak and metal 1 door bathroom floor cabinet
Habitat Loft Living 1 Door Cabinet
Features a pair of open shelves and a central cupboard which also has an internal shelf
W40 × D35 × H55 cm
2-door industrial-style bathroom cabinet
Habitat Loft Living 2 Door Cabinet
As the unit above but wider and taller, with 2 doors
W75 × D35 × H115 cm
Under the sink unit with a metal frame and oak finish doors
Habitat Loft Living Under Sink Unit
A 2-door unit with a cut-out section to fit under a sink basin
W65 × D35 × H65 cm
Tall storage unit with 3 open shelves and a cupboard in the base
Habitat Loft Living Tall Boy
A free-standing tall storage unit with 3 open shelves and a cupboard complete with a height-adjutsable internal shelf
W40 × D35 × H180 cm

Finding the perfect cabinets and storage solutions for a bathroom can be tough, especially with the need for maximise what is often quite a small space – all while mimicking the design and aesthetic of the existing room. Read more…

The Loft Living bathroom cabinet collection uses a combination of natural wood and black metal framing to ensure a simple but elegant aesthetic, which brings spa-like vibes to your bathroom with ease.

A sophisticated collection of storage units, built to integrate into any bathroom setting regardless of its size and layout, homeowners can choose between low level units or higher shelving stacks which maximise the use of floor space.

What’s more, by combining closed cabinets with open shelving, these bathroom storage solutions are designed as much for decoration as they are for storage – giving you access to concealed as well as open spaces for all your bathroom accessories and possessions.

The beauty of this collection in particular is the ease with which it compliments any bathroom – be it clinical and white in colour, or more rustic with coloured details and more traditional designs.

The blend of natural wood finishing and black metal ensures that this collection will withstand the test of time even when you remodel or renovate your bathroom – making it a great investment for now and for the future.

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