Bamboo Bathroom Storage

Bamboo shelving and storage
Bamboo Bathroom Storage

Simple yet practical, the Bamboo Bathroom Storage collection includes everything you need to keep your bathroom tidy and organised. With items suitable for both small and large bathrooms, you’re sure to find pieces that suit the space you have available, and there’s certainly plenty to choose from…

Bamboo undersink storage shelves
Bamboo Under-Sink Shelves
W60 × D35 × H65 cm
Bamboo towel stand with two rails
Bamboo Towel Stand
W55 × D27 × H91 cm
3-tier bamboo shelving unit
Bamboo 3 Tier Bathroom Shelving Unit
W34 × D34 × H105 cm
3-tier bathroom storage caddy
Bamboo 3 Tier Bathroom
W38 × D30 × H75 cm
Bamboo laundry hamper
Bamboo Laundry Basket
W37 × D33 × H60 cm

The Bamboo Under-Sink Shelves are ideal for compact bathrooms in need of a little extra storage space. This handy item sits under the sink and makes use of an area that can sometimes be left unused. Read more…

The Bamboo Towel Stand will effortlessly hold your towels and its slimline shape also means that it doesn’t take up too much room, and when your towels are dirty you can put them straight into the spacious Bamboo Laundry Basket with linen lining.

For additional storage, the Bamboo 3-Tier Bathroom Caddy and 3-Tier Bathroom Shelving Unit are fantastic options as both can hold hair products, moisturisers, soaps, and anything else you need to have to hand.

The final item in the collection is the Bamboo Stool which can be super convenient when getting ready!

The items in the Bamboo Bathroom Storage range have been made to last and are just as durable and sturdy as they are timeless.

For bathroom storage furniture that suits bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, shop the Bamboo Bathroom Storage collection today!

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