Vasagle Bathroom Cabinets

White bathroom mirrored wall cabinet
VASAGLE Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror
A traditional wall-mounted cabinet with a pair of mirrored doors, an internal shelf and open shelf unit in the base
W56 × D13 × H58 cm
White freestanding unit with 2 drawers and open shelf
VASAGLE 2 Drawer Unit with Open Shelf
This freestanding unit sports a pair of deep drawers with cut-out handles as well as an open shelf space above
W30 × D30 × H89 cm
White 2-door floor cabinet
VASAGLE Freestanding Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet
A traditional floor cabinet with a pair of adjustable shelves inside
W60 × D30 × H80 cm
White floor cabinet with 2 drawers and 2 baskets
VASAGLE Bathroom Cabinet, Storage Cabinet, 2 Drawers
A smart two-drawer unit with a pair of lined, woven storage baskets
W60 × D30 × H80 cm
White bathroom tallboy unit
VASAGLE Tall Bathroom Cabinet
This tall, slender cabinet features a central opens storage section together with a apir of cupboards, each with 3 height-adjustable shelves
W30 × D30 × H170 cm

Maintain a clean aesthetic throughout your bathroom with the Vasagle bathroom cabinets collection. Boasting a wide range of different fittings to suit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, the Vasagle collection is designed to combine convenience with design flair – using durable materials and light, neutral colours. Read more…

In an effort to minimise the demand on floor space, you will notice that the Vasagle collection of units and cabinets all utilise height as well as width and depth, ensuring that homeowners can access storage and surface space without taking up too much of their bathroom’s footprint.

This, alongside the durable build of each unit, ensures that these cabinets can withstand the test of time and changing interior style.

Each unit in this collection is finished in a soft white, with panelled finishes apparent across the cabinet doors and outer structures of each unit.

The collection includes a wall-mounted cabinet with integrated mirror, a series of standing units with a mix of open shelves and closed storage, and an extra tall unit for all of your personal possessions.

Opt for the full set to truly maximise storage access throughout your bathroom or invest in the pieces that best compliment the layout of your bathroom.

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