Tongue & Groove Bathroom Units

Bathroom storage units with baskets
Tongue And Groove 2 and 3 Drawer Units
W34 × D24 × H56 cm
W34 × D24 × H80 cm
Grey 3-tier corner shelves
Tongue And Groove Corner Shelves
W42 × D30 × H60 cm
Grey 4-tier ladder shelves
Tongue And Groove Ladder
W45 × D30 × H90 cm
Grey 3-tier undersink unit
Tongue & Groove Under Sink Unit
W53 × D27 × H60 cm
Grey 3-door mirrored wall cabinet
Tongue & Groove Wall Cabinet
W60 × D14 × H50 cm
Grey one door floor cabinet
Tongue & Groove Single Storage Unit
W30 × D30 × H80 cm
Grey 4 drawer unit
Tongue & Groove 4 Drawer Slimline Unit
W22 × D25 × H65 cm
Grey tallboy storage unit
Tongue & Groove Tallboy
W30 × D30 × H172 cm

Bathroom storage can be difficult to select, with homeowners needing items which provide a blend of open and closed storage, which can withstand its placement in a humid environment, and which maximises the availability of storage but without taking up too much space. Read more…

With a number of fixed facilities filling the majority of the bathroom floor, homeowners will be pleased to see that these bathroom units and shelves have all been constructed with versatile and functional fittings in mind.

From a set of shelves which fit around your sink stem, to a corner unit which fits neatly into a corner, through to a range of closed and open-fronted units which utilise height while minimising their footprint, this collection combines its simple design with fixtures which fit the space.

Finished in a matte grey which is just as well suited to a clinical white bathroom as to a brighter and more eclectic family bathroom space, the beauty of this collection is that every unit comes in a range of sizes – from small wall mounted cabinets to tall shelving units and everything in between.

Create a safe place for all your personal items and ensure that you can access what you need when you need it, with your chosen bathroom units.

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