White Gloss Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

Single mirrored door bathroom cabinet
White Gloss Single Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet
A single door unit for small spaces complete with a pair of internal shelves
W40 × D14 × H60 cm
Bathroom wall-mounted cabinet with 2 mirrored doors
White Gloss Double Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet
Features a pair of soft-close mirrored doors and two height-adjustable shelves
W60 × D14 × H60 cm
3-mirrored door bathroom cabinet
White Gloss Triple Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet
Behind a trio of mirrored doors are a set of 3 adjustable shelves which can be arranged to maximise your storage space
W80 × D14 × H60 cm

Finding the perfect bathroom cabinets for your home can be difficult, especially with bathrooms often being limited on space and extremely simple in design. These white gloss cabinets not only deliver on the simple aesthetic, but they combine the access to storage with a wall-mounted fitting and integrated mirrors across the door fronts. Read more…

What this does is provide a storage solution which allows easy access to everything you need, without taking up any floor space in a compact bathroom.

The white glossy exterior lends itself to the clean white finish of bathroom facilities and fittings, while the addition of a mirror on the external door front further enhances the functional convenience of the cabinets and saves the need to install extra mirrors.

On the inside, these cabinets are segmented into practical shelves – with three different sizes of unit available based on your ideal finish and how much storage you need.

Homeowners can choose from a single door, double door, or three-door cabinet, and will find that the mirrored door isn’t just convenient but also brightens the room and makes it feel and appear bigger.

A convenient solution to bathroom storage which embraces simple but functional design flair.

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