Water Hyacinth Laundry Baskets

Single lined laundry basket with lid
Water Hyacinth Single Laundry Basket
W35 × D35 × H56 cm
Double lined laundry basket
Water Hyacinth Double Laundry Basket
W55 × D36 × H59 cm
Round linen basket with lid
Round Water Hyacinth Laundry Basket
W45 × D45 × H60 cm

Keeping your household washing and laundry contained, out of eyesight, but easily accessible for those days when washing becomes a priority, means finding a laundry basket which is the right size for you and your family, and which matches the interior style of your home. Read more…

The Water Hyacinth laundry basket collection leans on a very simple woven basket style exterior, with a soft white fabric interior to soften the aesthetic and present a warm and homely finish.

Tied with a bow, the interior fabric lining doubles as a drawstring bag which can be removed from the basket for easy access to washing – allowing you to transport your washing without picking up the entire basket structure.

In terms of the look of the laundry basket in the home, this is the kind of rustic structure which perfectly suits a modern interior aesthetic – with the clean shapes of the different baskets giving homeowners a choice between the round edged pillar basket or the clean cut square hamper.

Whichever style and shape you opt for, all of the Water Hyacinth baskets come with lids to keep your laundry concealed and contained.

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