Under Bed Storage Baskets

Under bed storage basket
A simple but attractive selection of storage baskets which are designed to slot under a bed. Made from woven natural materials for a versatile, sturdy finish…
Woven water hyacinth under bed storage basket with handles and lid
Water Hyacinth Underbed Storage Basket
Features a wire-reinforced frame, fold-down lid and a pair of handles
W75 × D45 × H18 cm
Woven wicker storage basket with liner
Modern Country Willow Under Bed Lined Storage
A woven basket with a canvas liner and a pair of strap fasteners
W75 × D45 × H18 cm
Grey wicker underbed storage basket with liner
Underbed Willow Storage Basket, Grey
A grey willow finish with a cotton liners and buckle handles
W76 × D45 × H20 cm
Woven willow underbed storage basket
Purity Small Underbed Storage Trunk
A woven paper cord container with a grey fabric liner
W57 × D44 × H20 cm
Underbed shoe storage bag
Underbed Shoe Storage Tray, Grey
A fabric container with 9 sepaerate containers for shoes with a mesh cover so you can see what’s inside
W86 × D60 × H16 cm
Grey fabric underbed storage with clear lid
Amazon Basics Fabric Underbed Storage Bags
A budget option with grey fabric sides and a clear lid, sold in pairs
W77 × D51 × H14 cm
Available from amazon.co.uk

Whenever we see a bed with an elevated mattress, we herald the access to additional storage – but one area which is so often overlooked is the storage containers that people can use for this under bed storage.

Many boxes on the market are either too tall to slot under a bed or are extremely functional and contribute nothing to the aesthetic design and elegance of the bedroom – becoming an eyesore that you simply want to hide. Read more…

These under bed storage baskets are uniquely designed to combine functional storage and accessibility with a diverse aesthetic which lends itself to both clean and modern bedroom spaces and more eclectic or rustic rooms.

Made from a mix of woven water hyacinth material and woven willow, with handles and a loop fastening for the best possible user experience, these baskets are designed to sit low down and be stacked or stored under a bed – whichever is best for you.

Some of the baskets boast added linen linings for safe storage of clothes and fabrics, while others are more rustic and simpler in their design.

Whichever is the most suitable for your needs, the purpose behind this collection is to make under-bed storage not only easier and more accessible but also more attractive.

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