Towel Stands

Minimalist 2-tier towel stand
Lux 2 Tier Towel Stand, Small
W39 × D18 × H76 cm
Wide stainless 2-tier towel stand
Lux 2 Tier Towel Stand
W60 × D18 × H90 cm
Freestanding 3-tier towel stand
Slimline Stainless Steel 3 Tier Towel Stand
W38 × D18 × H90 cm
3-tier towel stand
Stainless Steel 3 Tier Double Towel Stand
W74 × D30 × H90 cm

With simple designs and versatile structures, this collection of towel stands combines convenience and practicality – each stand built with curved metal edges and various height settings for your ideal finish. Read more…

With a shiny metallic aesthetic, one of the leading features of these towel stands is their durable construction and versatile design, which allows them to be integrated into any bathroom.

Meanwhile, the standalone build makes them portable and suitable for use in any room regardless of both size and layout; whether you want something longer to hold a number of towels, or a basic stand for a single hand towel.

Existing customers and homeowners herald these towel stands for their simple aesthetic and for the fact that they can withstand life in the humid and temperate environment of a bathroom.

Made from stainless steel, these stands do not rust or become cloudy over time – rather, the metal can be easily wiped clear to present a shiny new finish for months and even years to come.

From a design perspective, you can’t go wrong with these towel stands. Not only are they minimalist in size but they are versatile enough in design to work any surrounding scheme and to compliment any lifestyle.

An effortless investment into your bathroom’s convenience.

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