Bathroom Tallboys

These tall, slim bathroom cabinets are great if you don’t have a lot of floor space…

White shaker style tall boy
Priano Bathroom Cabinet
Shaker style white tallboy with a single cupboard and 5 shelves.
W40 × D38 × H160 cm
Available from
Tall white bathroom unit
Devonshire Tall Bathroom Cabinet
Open storage shelves on top and a cupboard with internal shelves at the bottom, all with a crisp white-painted finish.
W34 × D23 × H165cm
£109 (plus delivery) from
White-painted bathroom corner cabinet
Devonshire Tall Corner Bathroom Cabinet
This corner cabinet is an ideal space-saving solution and features a pair of cupboards separated with an open display shelf.
W37 × D24 × H150cm
£129 (plus delivery) from
Grey and oak bathroom tallboy unit
Bournemouth Tallboy
Grey-painted free-standing unit with natural wood trim.
W36 × D30 × H175 cm
£65 from
Contemporary bathroom tallboy with an all grey finish
Habitat Freja Tallboy
A contemporary-style tallboy available in 3 coloured finishes – grey, green and pink.
W35 × D30 × H159 cm
£100 from
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