Stannis Bathroom Cabinets

Black metal under sink unit with glass doors
Stannis Reeded Glass Under Sink Unit
W60 × D32 × H60 cm
Black metal tallboy unit
Stannis Reeded Glass Tall Cabinet
W35 × D30 × H172 cm

Bathroom storage needs to tick a number of boxes, not only presenting enough space for all of your personal and display items but also staving off damage caused by the damp and humid environment that it often found in a bathroom and minimising the amount of floor space taken up. Read more…

Most family and home bathrooms are limited on space already, and so one of the major benefits of the Stannis bathroom cabinets collection is that there are an assortment of options available for every level of space and every shape of room.

From wall mounted cabinets to under-sink units, tall and thin shelves and wider cabinets, it doesn’t matter if you have a plethora of space or only a limited area to play with – this collection affords you plenty of storage whatever your needs.

And it’s not all function and practicality.

With a keen eye for modern trend and design, these units are all simple in their construction and have a largely black exterior – however, the main doors on the front of each cabinet and unit are slightly transparent giving a warped and imperfect view of what’s inside.

As well as creating a statement, this serves to lighten the whole space and ensure that the black units do not draw in all the light from the room.

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