west elm Mid-Century Show Wood Leather Armchair

Saddle leather upholstered armchair and matching footstool
Mid-Century Show Wood Leather Armchair

Looking for the perfect statement chair to tie together a modern vibe with traditional features? Look no further than the west elm mid century show wood leather armchair – combining the modern structure and Scandi-inspired wooden frame with a traditional leather material for that hint of authentic and old worldly glamour.

This armchair and matching footstool are the epitome of comfort meeting style, as the chair is set with a slight recline and the armrests are long to provide full support to the user. READ MORE…

The backrest and cushion are both well padded allowing you to sit back and relax into the chair, while the slight bend in the backrest between the bottom and top of the cushion follows the contours of the body perfectly.

The footrest meanwhile boasts a similar incline in its structure, so that your feet can benefit from a comfortable and supportive rest for optimum comfort.

In terms of aesthetic style, the soft and pale brown leather of this chair allows it to integrate seamlessly within a neutral design scheme, able to be paired with pale colours and darker colours as per your preference.

All you need now is a cosy corner for this armchair to call home, and endless hours to sit and relax.

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