Habitat Willow Velvet Sofas

Navy velvet cuddle armchair
Habitat Willow Velvet Cuddle Chair
W110 × D100 × H86 cm
Navy velvet upholstered footstool
Habitat Willow Velvet Footstool
W75 × D75 × H40 cm
Navy velvet upholstered sofa
Habitat Willow Velvet 2 Seater Sofa
W172 × D100 × H86 cm

When it comes to dressing a modern home, there are certain angles and aesthetics that work seamlessly in your space. But while boxy shapes, straight lines, and perfectly balanced angles have become the hallmarks of modern living, it’s not easy to find soft furnishings which compliment this vibe. Read more…

Enter the Habitat Willow collection. Boasting a block base and two well-defined armrests which form the sides of the sofa, these sofas all deliver on that boxy aesthetic but in a way which softens a room and creates more of a homely feel.

Enhanced further by the velvet texture which perfectly juxtaposes the straight lines and edges, not to mention the removable pillow armrests which sit just inside the two sides of the sofa, this collection is an example of modern living that is designed to not just look good but also to be lived in.

The collection includes a sofa and matching armchair, as well as a padded footstool – all of which are crafted using the same velvet texture and bold colour palettes.

Add your own cushions and throws for an extra hit of personal design flair or stick with the simplicity of one block colour to add depth to your modern space.

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