Spink & Edgar by Tetrad Carmen Armchair & Sofa

Alabaster fabric upholstered armchair with floral print back panel
Spink & Edgar by Tetrad Carmen Floral Back Armchair, Lafayette Alabaster
W118 × D97 × H86 cm
Olive green sofa with wooden legs and floral back panel
Spink & Edgar by Tetrad Carmen Floral Back Medium 2 Seater Sofa, Lafayette Olive
W180 × D97 × H86 cm
Truffle fabric upholstered 4-seater sofa with floral print back panel
Spink & Edgar by Tetrad Carmen Floral Back Grand 4 Seater Sofa, Lafayette Dark Truffle
W220 × D97 × H86 cm

There are some fabrics that lend themselves to minimalist homes, creating a statement through the use of texture combined with aesthetic colour and maximum comfort. Velvet is one of those textures, adding opulence to a home entirely effortlessly and creating a sense of luxury mixed with comfort, warmth, and a cosy interior vibe. Read more…

But what if we told you that we could go one step further, by enhancing the use of velvet with a juxtaposing patterned back?

The entire shape and structure of the Spink & Edgar sofa collection uses a classic Chesterfield shape and structure, adding an extra dynamic in the form of two completely contrasting fabrics.

While the front of the sofa uses that textured fabric that we mentioned before, running round into the curved edge which runs along the top of the sofa, the back of the sofa is covered in a highly patterned and very distinctive floral fabric.

How much of this fabric you and your guests see will depend on placement – with some opting for a hint of the pattern from the side of the sofa, while others choose a purposely central position to maximise visibility.

Whatever you choose, this is not a sofa that will simply be hidden in a corner!

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