Show Wood Sofa Bed

Blue fabric sofa bed
Show Wood Sofa Bed
W224 × D95 × H86
Light grey fabric sofa bed
Show Wood Sofa Bed, Topaz Light Grey
W224 × D95 × H86
Green fabric bench style sofa bed
Show Wood Bench Large 3 Seater Sofa Bed, Cord Green
W204 × D87 × H79

There are so many different ways of constructing and presenting a sofa bed, with this particular furnishing boasting one of the simplest mechanisms and most understated aesthetics.
The sofa is practical and comfortable, with a low level backrest which mimics the structure of the seat cushion perfectly. Read more…

When transitioned from a sofa into a bed, this backrest simply lies flat alongside the seat cushion, creating a mattress which is double the depth of the original seat.

Because the armrests are constructed as two standalone padded and fabric-covered slats of wood, with exposed wood running down the front of each, they effortlessly double as a head and baseboard once the sofa has been fully converted into a bed – meaning you need only add your bed linen and you’re ready to sleep.

One of the benefits of the seat and backrest cushions turning into your mattress, is that this sofa bed is incredibly comfortable and supportive in both formats.

Available in a multitude of colours, and with an exposed wooden armrest variation also available for those spaces where you want to minimise your reliance on texture and colour, this is a collection which lends itself to any and all homes.

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