Innovation Living Sofa Beds

Innovation Living are Danish company specialising in the creation of contemporary sofa beds which are both stylish and functional for modern-day living. Although varied in design each sofa boasts a distinctive Scandinavian charm.

Dark blue mid century style sofa bed
Recast sofa bed laid flat
Innovation Living Recast Sofa Bed
More than a hint of mid-century styling with button detailing and dark, tapered round wooden legs. Transforms easily to a double sized bed with the twin cushion serving as makeshift pillows.
Available in Dark Nist Blue or Kenya Dark Grey.
W200 × D96 – 140 × H63cm.
Granite Grey Fabric Sofa Bed with Natural Wood Frame
Grey fabric sofa bed laid flat with cushions
Innovation Living Cubed 140 Sofa Bed
A modern fabric 2-seater with a natural wood frame and sprung mattress. Lays flat at a length of 201 cm. Available in Twist Granite, Nist Blue & Kenya Dark Grey.
W147 × D96 × H67 cm
Grey fabric 3-seater Sofa Bed
Grey fabric sofa bed laid flat
Innovation Living Cubed 160 Sofa Bed
The Cubed Sofa Bed is also available in this King Size format with the addition of slender armrests.
W174 × D103 × H77 cm
Modern fabric sofa bed with a rounded form
Dark fabric sofa bed made up as a bed
Innovation Living Vogan Sofa Bed
An uber contemporary-style sofa bed with a smooth, rounded form, upholstered in Kenya Dark Grey fabric.
W218 × D120 × H79 cm
Grey linen fabric sofa bed
Grey linen fabric sofa bed laid flat
Innovation Living Aslak Sofa Bed
A modern, laid back style with a pocket-sprung mattress and Ash Grey linen fabric upholstery.
W200 × D195 × H18 (when laid out) cm
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