Cadiz Chair & Sofabed

The Cadiz range has a stunning continental style retro feel. This armchair and sofa would look as at home in 60/70’s Italy or France as it does in a modern 20th century minimalist apartment. The splayed wooden feet and the single row buttoning of the Cadiz is reminiscent of early Heals or Eames style seating.

Grey fabric sofa bed
Cadiz Sofabed
W205 × D103 × H80 cm
£409 plus delivery
Grey fabric chair
Cadiz Chair
W77 × D103 × H80 cm
£279 plus delivery
Retro furniture is back in fashion, but the prices are high for original pieces. The Cadiz hits you with style but without the price tag. The sofa is glamorous. You could easily picture the likes of Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot lounging back against this seating with a cocktail glass in hand! READ MORE…

Not only has the Cadiz got glamour in spade loads but the sofa is also a very handy fold out guest bed! The back folds down onto the protruding base of the seat to give a secure sleeping platform. The fixed cushions form a very comfortable mattress that can easily provide space for two, being foam backed these provide a supportive base to sleep on that doesn’t compromise its comfort as a seat.

As an occasional bed you would never know it was there when in an upright position being used as a sofa! The gun metal grey is also reminiscent of the colour palette used during this period. It’s a powerful base on which to add a more modern-day vibrancy with neon bright soft furnishings.

The armchair that completes the Cadiz collection is equal in every way to the stylish sofa bed. As a single seat or a few seats combined with sofas, these pieces will make your visitor stop in their tracks!

The most beautiful of ranges, the Cadiz will compliment any décor and really any period. It does though look stunning as a modern-day retro piece in a sleek minimalist environment.

(Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size))

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