Habitat Rattan Bookcase

Available in two sizes, these bookcases have been crafted using natural rattan with a golden blond finish, which means that they will seamlessly complement any décor scheme and are guaranteed to suit the style of your home.

4-tier rattan bookcase
Habitat Rattan 4 Shelf Bookcase
W110 × D34 × H130 cm

Boasting spacious shelves and decorative sides, Habitat Rattan Bookcases are ideal for storing books, records, and other items, and can also be used to display photos, plants, and your favourite knick-knacks. Read more…

Habitat Rattan Bookcases come with either three or four shelves, so you can choose the option that best suits your home. Perfect for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, and nurseries, these bookcases have been designed to be strong and sturdy so that little ones can reach for their favourite books without fear of the item toppling over.

Fittings are also included which will enable you to secure the bookcase to the wall as an additional safety measure. Although Habitat Rattan Bookcases are ideal for children’s spaces, they will look great in your living room too and provide plenty of storage space which will help you to keep the room tidy and organised.

When you purchase your Habitat Rattan Bookcase, it will arrive fully assembled so you can start using it straightaway. Made from sustainable materials, these bookcases are wonderfully timeless and the perfect choice for those hoping to add some boho chic to their home.

Plus, they share the same design so you can choose just one or treat yourself to both sizes.

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