Heal’s Agnes Shelving

Scandi-style oak and walnut shelving
Agnes Shelving
3-tier oak shelving unit with rounded edges
Agnes Medium Shelving Unit
W80 × D40 × H102 cm
5-tier oak shelving unit with rounded edges
Agnes High Shelving Unit
W80 × D40 × H175 cm
Tall oak hall stand with 2 shelves and a set of coat hooks
Agnes Hall Stand
W85 × D36 × H180 cm

Finding the right kind of shelving for your home can be difficult, as you seek out pieces which are large enough to hold all of your books and possessions, but which don’t take up too much space or become a focal point which makes the space feel smaller and darker. Read more…

The Heal’s Agnes shelving unit boasts a completely open design which combines the natural wood shelves with a supporting rung across the back of each shelf to ensure that your books or possessions do not slide off and fall down the back of the unit.

This rung is complimented by a light border around the edges of each shelf, which again helps to provide some support for the items contained on the shelf.

While many shelves on the market follow a staggered design with the surface space getting smaller as you move up the unit, this particular piece has a consistent structure and design which runs from top to bottom.

This ensures that the furnishing presents a simple design which is perfect for the angular edges and structure of a modern home – something which is further enhanced by the light and natural wood which lends itself to a neutral colour palette.

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