Habitat Nomad Bookcase & Side Table

2-tier offset style bookcase with oak finish
Habitat Nomad Side Table
W40 × D30 × H63 cm
4-tier offset-style bookcase with oak finish
Habitat Nomad Block Bookcase
W88 × D30 × H68 cm
2-tier offset style tv stand with oak finish
Habitat Nomad Block TV Unit
W150 × D40 × H63 cm

Modern interior design has begun to embrace offset structures and pieces which retain a very clean and minimalist aesthetic but in a way which makes them stand out in the surrounding space. Read more…

The Habitat Nomad collection of living room and home office furnishings takes the very basic structure of a cube outline and stacks it – offsetting the shapes ever so slightly so that they create the look of a stable but quirky stacked surface.

The side table uses two square-shaped cubes – one atop the other – while the bookcase uses the same overall concept but with rectangular shapes.

Random back panelling across some areas of the bookcase create a unique aesthetic, while the decision to keep both furnishings in their natural wood state means that they can be integrated into a modern living space with ease.

Other pieces join the collection with homeowners able to mix and match according to the size of their space and their individual tastes – for example a TV unit which uses the same design concept but on a lower level.

You will notice that the base and top edges of the stacked blocks run slightly longer – maximising surface space and stability and ensuring that these pieces are as practical in the home as they are stylish.

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