Teak Storage Cubes

Square teak storage cubes
Signature Teak Storage Cubes
W60 × D40 × H60 cm
Wide teak storage cube
Long Teak Storage Cube
W100 × D40 × H40 cm
Long teak cube with shelf
Teak Storage Cube with Shelf
W112 × D25 × H62 cm

Breathe life into your home with a cute and quirky selection of teak storage cubes. Doubling as storage pods and small individual side tables, able to be mixed and matched, stacked, or placed individually throughout the home, these storage cubes are the perfect way to blend functional storage and surface space with whimsical and playful design features. Read more…

The range also includes a teak storage shelf with open fronted and backed shelves, and a longer rectangle shaped unit which boasts the same design concept as the cubes but in a longer design.

As a full collection, each teak piece can be stacked and grouped with other units to produce something which suits the amount of floor space available and the way that you want your storage shelves to be configured and displayed.

Some homeowners choose to tilt cubes on their sides for open topped storage, while other build storage cubes on top of the rectangular unit to create a step ladder-style shelving piece.

Whatever you decide to do for your space, this collection of cubes is made from natural teak with tons of colour and natural grain really bringing each unit to life in the home.

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