Hardy Bookcases

Oak-finish corner bookcase
Hardy Corner Bookcase
W92 × D45 × H200 cm
Oak finish bookcase
Hardy Slim Bookcase
W90 × D37 × H200 cm
Oak finish bookcase with drawer
Hardy Slim Bookcase With Drawer
W90 × D37 × H200 cm
Oak bookcase with 2 drawers
Hardy Wide Bookcase with 2 Drawers
W136 × D37 × H200 cm

A trend which we are seeing more and more across the interior styling market is the rise in bookcases which move away from uniform shelves. The Hardy bookcase is an excellent example of this trend, with its varied shelves which exhibit different heights, widths, and structures. Read more…

What this does is turn a standard bookcase into more of a design feature, with a series of configurations designed to suit every home, room, and interior space.

As you browse the collection of Hardy bookcases, you will notice that there are a selection of sizes which sit against a flat wall, and that there is also a unit which is designed to slot neatly into a corner.

This particular corner unit boasts a straight frontage to maximise storage space, while the back of the unit hugs the right angle of the two walls to optimise its footprint and stability.

You will also notice that while some of the sections and shelves have a backing, others are open backed to allow the design of the wall behind to show through.

This exhibits a much lighter and more open aesthetic finish and makes the bookcase a part of the room’s design rather than a block furnishing that’s just placed in the space.

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