Habitat Deon Bookcase

Low level grey-painted bookcase
Habitat Deon Short Metal Bookcase
W140 × D35 × H75 cm
Tall, grey-painted metal bookcase
Habitat Deon Wide Metal Bookcase
W103 × D31 × H38 cm

Say goodbye to limited floorspace in your dining room, to stacked boxes in your home office, and to single-level display surfaces in your living room. It’s time to embrace the visual power and grandeur of a simple but decorative bookcase – crafted from a metal frame with an array of open-backed and closed shelving spaces and using the height of your space as well as its footprint. Read more…

With two main designs available, one relying on width while the other boasts shelves which work up the wall, the benefit of this Habitat Deon collection is that homeowners can choose how they utilise the space available to them.

Move away from the single level of modern homes which so often fall into the trap of working on one level with monotone colours and add textures to your space with a multitude of layered surfaces.

From transforming a home office into a practical and productive space, to clearing your dining room or open plan living area of clutter by giving everything its own shelf to live on, this collection is particularly beneficial for those who want to give their home a modern upgrade.

Available in white metal for optimum durability and a versatile aesthetic which compliments any and all surrounding interior finishes.

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