Kid’s Bunk Beds

Silver coloured metal frame bunk bed with coloured end panels
Cyber Bunk Bed Frame
A budget option with a silver-painted, tubular metal frame and coloured panels in black, blue, pink or green.
L197 × W98 × H153 cm
From £149 (plus delivery from
Grey-painted bunk bed
Wilton Bunk Bed
A great value bunk bed from the ANYDAY collection, available in white, grey or natural. Features a solid pine frame and a solid wood slatted base.
L198 × W105 × H153 cm
£249 from
Modern white-painted bunk bed
Stompa Classic Child Compliant Bunk Bed
A sturdy and contemporary white-painted bed frame with panelled head and foot boards plus a fixed ladder.
W198 × D105 × H154 cm
£549 from
Grey fabric upholstered bed
Lubana Fabric Bunk Bed Frame
A contemporary-style bunk bed with a fixed ladder and a charcoal grey upholstered finish.
W205 × D97 × H135 cm
From £399 plus delivery from

The benefits of bunk beds in a kid’s room are somewhat obvious but a few things you may want to bear in mind include the following.

  • Are you planning on giving the kids a room of their own at some point? If so, bunk beds that will split easily into two single beds are going to be a good investment.
  • Do you kids spend a lot of time playing in their rooms? If they do, it’s a safe bet they’ll use their bed as a climbing frame, as a trampoline or a place where all their friends can sit. In which case, investing a sturdy wooden frame that can take a bit of wear is going to make sense.
  • Is the room spacious or tiny? White painted beds will help make a small room seem bigger while natural wood finishes have the opposite effect, especially dark shades.
  • How much money do you want to spend? While it can be true that you get what you pay for it’s also true that a bed that costs £500 isn’t necessarily twice as good as one that costs just £250. In other words, buy the best bed you can afford but don’t go mad – it’s only a bed. That said, if you do want to buy an expensive bed, have a look on eBay and see how popular they are as a second-hand option. If you can sell the bed on after a couple of years it can make a lot of sense. John Lewis beds are especially popular on the pre-owned market.
  • And, lastly, what style of bed do you want – stick to basics or something more modern? Practicality is key and a bed with a lot of fancy features is probably not going to be good value long term.

This a selection of some of the most popular bunk beds. Please bear in mind that you’ll also have to buy mattresses at extra cost unless stated otherwise.

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