Matthew Williamson Duvet Sets

Blue peacock theme bedding
Matthew Williamson Majestic Peacock Duvet Cover Set
£90 – £110
Woodland them ebedding
Matthew Williamson Woodland Duvet Cover Set
£90 – £110
Leopard rose bedding set
Matthew Williamson Leopard Rose Duvet Cover Set
£90 – £110
Floral bedding set
Matthew Williamson Cabana Duvet Cover Set
£90 – £110

If there’s one thing that you’ll notice about the Matthew Williamson duvet set collection, it’s the way that he chooses to stage his designs – not just inspiring homeowners to invest in colourful bed linen and statement patterns, but to also reexamine the placement of their furnishings and how duvet sets interact with the surrounding design of the room. Read more…

Each duvet set created and designed by Matthew Williamson explores the impact of colour and design trends, spanning abstract feather designs, florals, designs atop plain backgrounds, and images which are surrounding by patterning. Each duvet set is entirely different in its use of colour and patterning, yet they are all connected by underlying exotic influences and an over the top approach to design.

In terms of quality and comfort, Matthew Williamson’s duvet sets are just as soft and comfortable as they are striking from a decorative perspective.

Perfect in both a colourful or a more neutral and modern setting, these duvets are inviting and will breathe life into your bedroom with ease.

Available in a range of sizes to match your bed linen, complete with duvet cover and pillow covers to complete the look.

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