Burano Striped Ceramic Table Lamp

Teal/green striped table lamp
Burano Striped Ceramic Table Lamp, Teal/Sophia Green
H38 × Dia.30cm
Yellow stripe table lamp
Burano Striped Ceramic Table Lamp, Yellow
H54 × Dia.26cm
Orange striped table lamp
Burano Striped Ceramic Table Lamp, Orange
H54 × Dia.26cm

If your home is full of modern neutrals and you’re keen to add some pops of colour, then look no further than the Burano striped ceramic lamps. Read more…

Boasting a rounded design and bulbous shape, these lamps follow a very clear and defined aesthetic trend – with vertical stripes of colour juxtaposed against the soft white stripes to separate them.

Despite the simplicity of the design, these lamps are the perfect addition to a modern space as they not only deliver light to your home but become as much a focal point and decorative accessory as they are a functional addition to the space.

Fixed with a lamp shade which is finished to match the pop of colour in the lamp’s stand, you will notice that there are two main shapes available in this collection – one a taller rounded lamp while the other is squatter with more of a bulbous shape.

Both pack a punch and are designed to make a statement in your home – swerving away from the delicate details of modern living and injecting colour to otherwise very neutral spaces.

Available in a range of colours, there is a Burano striped ceramic lamp for every home. So, which colour will you choose?

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