Country Rib Table Lamp

Table lamp with yellow ribbed ceramic base and linen shade
Country Rib Table Lamp, Buttermilk
Table lamp with linen shade and green ribbed ceramic base
Country Rib Table Lamp, Myrtle
Table lamp with cream ribbed ceramic base
Country Rib Table Lamp, Cream

If you think the perfect table lamp doesn’t exist, then you must be new here – because we believe that this country rib table lamp really does have it all. Read more…

The delicate ribbed design which surrounds the base of this lamp adds instant texture to any space, while the choice of colours manage to make the item feel both vintage and modern at the same time.

What this means is that the table lamp and its aesthetic adapts to the environment that it is in, feeding a vintage and more rustic feel, or supporting the subtle infusion of colour in a modern space.

From a structural design point of view, this lamp is made to stand out – with the widest part of the lamp extending almost as far as the lamp shade in terms of width.

The base and the bulb fitting are much narrower to create that unique bulbous shape and feel, with the ribbing throughout giving a streamlined and vertical finish to the lamp.

Available in a series of colours, all of which perfectly compliment the neutral linen lamp shade, homeowners are free to pick the colour which best suits their home.

A soft sage green, buttermilk yellow, and rich cream are all widely available.

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