Mushroom Portable Dimmable Table Lamp

Dome top table lamp - damson
Mushroom Portable Dimmable Table Lamp, Damson
Taupe dome top table lamp
Mushroom Portable Dimmable Table Lamp, Taupe
Haze blue table lamp with dome top
Mushroom Portable Dimmable Table Lamp, Haze
White table lamp with dome shade
Mushroom Portable Dimmable Table Lamp, White

A portable, wireless table lamp available in a range of colours, with three light settings controlled by a touch button. Read more…

A table lamp is a versatile light source which can be used anywhere from a living room side table to a bedside table, a home office, or a hallway.

This particular table lamp not only compliments all of those settings and more with a wide range of available colours but is also completely portable thanks to its rechargeable battery and adjustable dimmer setting.

To first look at the design and structure of the lamp, the mushroom shape presents a rounded finish which instantly elevates and adds aesthetic interest to the surroundings.

The top of the lamp serves to both enhance the shape and design of the lamp, while also controlling the way that the light itself flows down and around the base of the lamp – dulling the light so that it feels more intimate regardless of the dimmable setting.

The intensity of light is controlled by the touch of a button, with three settings available. And because this lamp is wire-free, it can quickly and easily be integrated into any setting – be it a display surface or the corner of a room during date night, to elevate the atmosphere and keep it stylish.

Browse the range of available colours online to find your perfect match.

H24 x Dia.20cm

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