Tips for using blush pink in your home

As a colour that never goes out of fashion, blush pink is a very versatile shade that complements a whole range of palettes, no matter which room you’d like to use it in. With the ability to glow in natural light and become cosy when the sun goes down, blush pink is the perfect interior design choice all year round.

Blush pink is a colour that is feminine without being overpowering, and more subtle than its fuchsia and bubblegum sisters, making it ideal for a whole range of homes.

According to Dulux, Blush Pink is one of 7 Must-Have Colours for Busy Rooms

When creating a glamorous and elegant room, a blush pink feature wall can bring some warmth into an otherwise neutral colour palette. This works particularly well in bedrooms, especially when plush pink or cream accessories are added.

Experimenting with textures is key here, and layering blush pink fabrics with other subtle shades will create a really sense of luxury.

Elsewhere in the home, blush pink accessories can add a little uniqueness and fun to your interior design. We especially like pairing blush pink with metallics, such as copper and gold, and this works particularly well with items such as lamps, sofa cushions, and even accent chairs.

Blush pink throw
Linear Pleat Throw – 130 x 180 cm

To make a statement, a blush pink throw or rug will add texture to any room and introduces the shade in a bold but sophisticated way.

To give a subtle nod to the blush pink trend, opt for artwork that incorporates this colour, which can take a prominent place on your wall. You can then draw the tone out with small accessories, such as vases, coasters, or quirky ornaments.

During the spring and summer, you might also like to bring extra life to the look with fresh blush pink flowers, such as peonies or roses. We suggest putting them in a metallic vase for extra impact too!

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