Habitat Sylvie

Adding storage solutions and shelving into a modern home can be difficult, particularly when you are trying to emanate a minimalist style of living without colour and detail drawing too much attention.

Mirror finish side table
Habitat Sylvie Side Table – Mirrored
W55 × D40 × H40 cm
Mirror finish coffee table
Habitat Sylvie Mirrored Coffee Table
W60 × D60 × H45 cm
Mirror finish TV stand
Habitat Sylvie TV Unit – Mirrored
W100 × D40 × H45 cm
Console table with mirror finish
Habitat Sylvie Console Table – Mirrored
W100 × D40 × H100 cm

The Habitat Sylvie collection was built for modern living, and not only provides effective storage ideas for every home but does so in a way that opens up the space and creates a light and bright aesthetic without the infusion of colour. READ MORE…

With every part of the surface mirrored, including the insides of the shelves themselves, this selection of four living room furnishings is perfect for a home where modern style is at the heart of the interior décor – whether you choose to surround the pieces with neutral furnishings or a soft colour palette to exude luxury and sophistication.

The mirrored finish is the real statement here, with the shelves creating an accessible and functional use of space which supports the modern home and allows even the most decorative of accessories to boast a functional use as well.

This collection of furniture can be purchased as standalone pieces or as part of the wider collection, with the mirrored exterior making this the perfect solution for those interior spaces which need an extra bit of light and life.

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