Langham Living Room Furniture

Round acacia wood side table
Langham Round Side Table
W40 × D40 × H53 cm
Round acacia wood coffee table
Langham Coffee Table
W80 × D80 × H40 cm
Acacia wood TV unit
Langham Large TV Unit
W135 × D42 × H50 cm
3-door acacia wood cabinet with fluted glass doors
Langham Large 3 Door Sideboard
W135 × D75 × H42 cm

The definition of timeless furniture is that which doesn’t need to be replaced over and over again – citing high quality materials and the kind of design which outlives trends and interior styles. The Langham living room furniture collection does just that, combining a rich coloured natural wood structure with ribbed glass details across the cabinet fronts for a hint of art deco style. Read more…

Crafted using quality acacia wood, with MDF boards used to ensure that the internal elements of the furnishings are functional and accessible as well as easy to use for homeowners, one of the standout features of this collection is the natural colouring and grain patterning that you can see across the wood.

Which is why, for the most part, the wood is left as a standalone material; the hero of each piece.
The addition of glass across the sideboards and TV unit lightens up the structure, particularly across the oversized furnishings which can otherwise overwhelm your space.

This glass is ribbed for added aesthetic texture, making the furnishing as much a decorative focal point as it is a functional accessory for your home.

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