Holt Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture with a black and oak finish
Combing rustic living with industrial style, in this timeless collection of natural wood and black painted living room furnishings…
Pair of circular nesting coffee tables with a black metal frame and oak finish tops
Holt Nesting Coffee Tables
W80 × D80 × H35 cm
Oak finish coffee table with a single drawer
Holt Storage Coffee Table
W90 × D50 × H38 cm
TV unit with oak woodgrain and black finish
Holt TV Unit
W110 × D40 × H45 cm
Oak/black 2-door sideboard with open shelf
Holt Sideboard
W80 × D40 × H75 cm
4-tier leaning ladder shelf with oak and black finish
Holt Ladder Shelving
W60 × D46 × H185 cm
4-tier oak bookcase with drawer
Holt Bookcase
W95 × D35 × H185 cm
The perfect mix of rustic style and industrial interiors, the Holt living room furniture collection includes both concealed and open fronted storage solutions, as well as functional tables and surfaces to suit all your living space needs. Read more…

From dressing a compact living room with essential furnishings and items, to mixing and matching different pieces for a large and open plan space, the Holt collection boasts natural wood surfaces with black metal frames, legs, and details – bridging the gap between modern rustic and industrial home design with ease.

From the freestanding TV unit to the oversized bookcase with its blend of open-backed and contained shelving spaces, this collection doesn’t just blend together two core materials but also combines rounded edges with angular designs to soften the aesthetic.

Other pieces in the collection include the open-backed ladder shelving and the nest of round coffee tables, as well as a sideboard and rectangular coffee table which offers both concealed and open storage solutions for all your needs.

The mix of natural wood and the painted black finish helps to frame each furnishing and gives the whole collection a refined aesthetic; perfect for a large open plan space where individual furnishings can get lost without the right and appropriate colour palette.

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