Nkuku Dasai Mango Wood Furniture

Mango wood coffee table with iron frame
Nkuku Dasai Mango Wood Coffee Table
W120 × D65 × H55 cm
2-door mango wood media unit
Nkuku Dasai Mango Wood Media Unit
W151 × D46 × H71 cm
2-drawer mango wood console table with iron frame
Nkuku Dasai Console Table
W115 × D40 × H85 cm
Mango wood storage unit with cupboard, drawers and shelves
Nkuku Dasai Storage Unit
W85 × D40 × H190 cm

Mango wood is popular among homeowners and interior designers, for its rustic finish and the plethora of colours that run through a single strip or plank of the wood. Not only is it versatile and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also lightweight and lends itself to use across storage units, shelves, and more. Read more…

The Nkuku collection of mango wood furniture is designed for living spaces, hallways, home offices, and dining rooms.

From the wide and low-set media unit to the tall shelving unit, the console table, and the coffee table, the beauty of this range lies in the fact that you can invest in your favourite piece or buy all of them and still benefit from the unique presentation of the natural mango wood throughout the collection.

Notice how the mango wood shelves and main structures are separated and held in place by metal details, which serve to add an almost industrial feel to the otherwise rustic items. This industrial detail brings the collection into the modern styling sphere, with the added benefit of the mango wood’s texture enhancing the look and feel of each piece.

With the addition of one or multiple Nkuku furnishings, your home will effortlessly become more stylish, and will compliment your chosen surroundings – creating cohesion throughout the home.

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