Pippin Furniture Range

Red side table with turned legs
Pippin Side Table
W45 × D45 × H58 cm
Round navy coffee table with turned legs
Pippin Coffee Table
W100 × D68 × H46 cm
Navy 3-drawer chest with turned legs and frame
Pippin 3 Drawer Chest
W95 × D45 × H83 cm
Navy console table with turned legs
Pippin Console Table
W120 × D30 × H81 cm

If you’re looking to add some personality to your home, then this is the collection for you. The Pippin furniture range has been carefully designed to maximise the functional use of each piece, while also presenting a unique, playful, and in most cases colourful aesthetic to brighten up your home. Read more…

Spanning a range of different tables and surfaces which are well suited to living spaces, dining rooms, hallways, and home offices, there are several standout elements that make these furnishings so popular.

The first is the overall structure, which combines a decorative frame with the convenient storage drawers and/or surfaces on top.

The frame is crafted from a stack of bulb-shapes connected by rings – with the coffee table and side table set atop the frame, while the drawer units benefit from this bulbous design at either side of the main unit.

Another standout feature is the colour palette, which ranges from a rich navy to a bold and playful pink – depending on your surrounding style and ideal finish.

And then we have the drawer handles, which are small in size but have a huge impact on the design as they mimic small white flowers.

This adds a subtle feminine energy to the units and ensures that your storage is decorative rather than boring.

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