Bobbin Bed Frame

Grey-painted bed frame with turned bobbin-style frame
Looking for a way to infuse some energy and timeless charm into your bedroom, creating juxtaposing and contrasting features without relying on a multitude of colours? Then look no further than the Bobbin bed frame – crafted using a straight-edged frame which is complimented by a four poster-style structure of stacked spheres.
Grey bed frame with bobbin frame
Bobbin Bed Frame, Double
W147 × D200 × H143 cm
Grey-painted bed frame with bobbin frame and wood slatted base
Bobbin Bed Frame, King Size
W162 × D200 × H143 cm

The bobble structure, which sticks up away from each side of the headboard and also adds detailing around each leg of the bed, is made up of a series of spheres which are stacked – graduating from the widest to the smallest at the top. READ MORE…

The benefit of this is that the otherwise standard bed presents a modern and unique aesthetic which makes it look much more expensive and designer in style, despite the bobbin design feature actually appearing as early as the 17th century.

Available in a double or king size structure, this bed frame is finished in a grey colour – which further adds to the modern interpretation of this timeless classic.

Made from a combination of MDF, rubberwood, and poplar, each element of the bed frame is built to withstand regular use, wear and tear, and present a durable but lightweight structure perfect for a small or large and open bedroom.

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