Petite Bobbin Chairs

Not to be overlooked, this chair may be low set in terms of its height and built but the aesthetic detail of the framework and the vibrantly coloured wood both lend themselves to this chair becoming somewhat of a standout feature in your home or living space – regardless of the interior design and home style surrounding it.

Bobbin frame armchair with natural weave fabric cushions
Petite Bobbin Armchair, Walnut Frame/Natural Weave
A solid oak frame with a walnut stained finish, spindle back, turned bobbin legs and neutral coloured fabric covered cushions
W69 × D87 × H81 cm
Armchair with black painted bobbin frame and moss green cushions
Petite Bobbin Armchair, Black Frame/Stax Moss Green
A black-painted frame, accentuated with moss green velvet covered cushions
W69 × D87 × H81 cm
Black painted wooden frame chair with neutral coloured cushions
Petite Bobbin Chair, Dark Leg
W72 × D61 × H80 cm

Available with a colourful walnut or a painted black frame, with a natural weave fabric or soft touch sage green fabric covering the cushions, there are two main structures available as part of the Petite Bobbin collection – though both boast the same bobble structure on the frame, just with different shapes and finishes. Read more…

Those chairs which have the integrated arm rests are more functional and have a straighter back, whereas the design with no armrests makes for the perfect addition to an open plan home or an under-furnished hallway.

In terms of the bobble design itself, this is undoubtedly the standout feature of the chair and manages to transform the simple furnishing into somewhat of a work of art.

Combining the visual splendour of the rounded edges amid the angular frame of the chair, alongside the texture that the bobble frame exudes, this chair has the perfect amount of design flair for a neutral modern home.

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