Theodore Mango Wood Drawers & Sideboard

Brown mango wood 2-drawer bedside table
Theodore 2 Drawer Wide Bedside Table
W78 × D50 × H73 cm
Brown mango 3-drawer chest
Theodore 3 Drawer Chest
W95 × D55 × H100 cm
Brown mango 2-door sideboard
Theodore Small Sideboard
W92 × D40 × H75 cm
4-door mango wood sideboard
Theodore Large Sideboard
W175 × D40 × H75 cm

Not all furniture has to blend into your surroundings – as evidenced by the Theodore Mango Wood drawers and sideboard. This duo of interior furnishings is designed to make a statement, combining the vibrant wood with a circular design which draws the eye, and which makes use of both uniformed patterns and three-dimensional texture. Read more…

From the outset, you could be forgiven for thinking that these units are purely decorative, owing to the circular designs which span each drawer. However, tucked into the circles on each end of the drawers are small handles, which grant access to the concealed storage space inside the unit.

With two different structures available, homeowners can choose between the smaller two-drawer bedside table and a series of sideboards which get gradually bigger in size and are suited to different spaces in the home.

A statement piece which is sure to draw the attention of your guests, these units are well built and made to last – built from a hard-wearing mango wood which is especially popular for its vibrant colour scheme.

The beauty of this collection is that homeowners can choose their favourite piece or invest in the whole collection and place them throughout the home.

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