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  1. Hello We’re interested in the Burford Collection garden furniture. It is out of stock at John Lewis and they are unable to tell us when it might become available again. Are you able to provide any further information?

  2. I had decided to buy a Grace Kitami from John Lewis. Overnight they have gone from selling these in many colours and sizes to all being completely out of stock. Can you advise where I might get one please – I am looking for a double.

  3. I have just purchased a sideboard and want to adjust the height of the internal shelf. It seems to have steel pins supporting the shelf and spider-like white plastic brackets above the shelf. How do I remove and replace these?

    • Hi, you don’t say which sideboard but either the shelf will slide out before the retaining bracket can be removed or the bracket needs to be prised away from the side by inserting a rigid piece of plastic to loosen it first. Avoid using anything metal such as a screwdriver or blade since this could damage the internal finish.

  4. It is so disappointing that after forking out buying the marlow wardrobe, and waiting 15 weeks for it to be delivered. Then measuring up to make sure the chest of drawers in the same range will fit, I find it has been discontinued! This is such bad customer service.

    • Sorry to hear about this Nicola. Unfortunately, since the fitting is arranged by the German suppliers this has led to problems since Covid restrictions were first introduced and John Lewis have not been able to arrange an alternative option.

      It doesn’t help you, I know, but this is an extremely rare event and I am assured that you have been refunded and offered compensation.

      Best wishes.

  5. Could you please tell me if I can buy the Marlow 6 door wardrobe from any other suppliers or directly from Germany. John Lewis not able to order as there are no fitters they can work with for the time being . Kind regards

    • Sorry Jassim, this is not likley to be resolved in the short term and I am not able to tell you much more than you already know.

      So sorry for the inconvenience. It will be no no comfort, I know, but this is a very popular range and there have been many enquiries in the same vein.

      Best wishes and I hope you find something suitable.

    • Thanks for letting us know Loraine, the units have currently sold out and I do not know if they will be restocked at a future date.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. Receiving delivery of Halston 5 draw chest 7th June. Are drawers on castors as delivery men can’t take them to my bedroom. So unable to move them myself

    • Sorry Janice, I don’t know which drawers you are referring to – there are no items by that name here?

  7. Hi there, we were looking to buy a Montreal wardrobe to complement our Montreal storage bed. John Lewis are showing it as out of stock. Is there any way you could confirm if this is a discontinued line or will it come back in stock? Many thanks in advance

    • Unfortunately there isn’t a definitive answer to this. The range may well be restocked but we have no way of guaranteeing this for you so the safest solution is to assume not.
      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help Marie.

    • Hi Debbie
      The Taupe version has now sold out, I am sorry to say.
      Very do tend to refesh their sofa ranges quite frequently and this does, unfortunetaly, mean that the popular colour options are the first to go.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of any help on this occasion and best wishes.

  8. I’ve ordered the Marlow wardrobes and wanted to add a chest of drawers but it looks like the range is now discontinued. Do you do another range that would compliment it? It’s the dove grey that I’ve ordered so I want the colour to match, even if the drawers are a different design.

    • Hi Bev
      The nearest match style-wise is the Mix-it range which is part of the Anyday collection at John Lewis & Partners. The colours are different though and you wouldn’t get anything like a close match.
      It is always difficult coordinating different ranges, especially if you want a complimentary finish and, often, the best solution is to opt for a contrasting piece instead. This is going to be a matter of personal taste though and all I can say is that you’ll know it when you see it.

      I’ve not been a great help, I know, but I sincerely hope you find something suitable.

      Best wishes.

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