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Alan – We would like to purchase two halo little professor chairs in antique leather however, it seems they don’t do this any more at John Lewis. Can we order a special? Regards
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Hi Alan and thanks for getting in touch. The Little Professor chairs are made to order and are currently not in stock. There is, however, a ready-made range which are normally held in stock and the Antique Whisky option is one of them. Regrettably, it’s also the most popular and is, alas, also out of stock.

It’s likely to be well into the New Year before they become available again, I am afraid. Sorry for the inconvenience, it’s taking a while for the world to bounce back to normal and nobody is more frustrated by this than we are. Best wishes.

Liz – I am interested in the 3 seater sofa. We already have chairs and table purchased from John Lewis. Can you tell me the delivery details of the sofa!
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It depends which sofa it is Liz? Some are available for 7 day delivery, some are made to order and will typically take much longer.

Jayne – Hi I recently ordered double Berlin wardrobe unfortunately it doesn’t fit. The delivery drivers were extremely helpful and said there was a wardrobe slightly lower in this range as a double wardrobe. They also suggested possibility of top not being glued down so could remove screws and top to help get up the stairs. I can’t see another version on very can you assist me in purchasing this wardrobe?
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Sorry to hear about this Jayne but both of the wardrobes in the Berlin range are the same height. The wardrobes are also only supplied in a part-assembled state I am afraid an not be supplied un-glued since this would make them, essentially, a self-assembly furniture piece.

I hope you manage to find a suitable alternative. Kind regards.

John – What are the internal dimensions of the abacus narrow cupboard?
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Hi John, I currently only have external dimensions for the Abacus range. I will update this response in due course and thank you for your patience.

The dimensions are W41 x D40 x H62 cm. Sorry for the delay.

Louise – I’m interested in buying a Halo Little Professor Petite 2 seater sofa but would like to try it out before I buy it. Do you have anywhere we can view it?
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Hi Louise, the Little Professor range is currently out of stock and not on display in stores. There is currently an 18 week lead time for the 2-seater sofa.

Sorry I could not more helpful. Best wishes.

Ingrid – I’m desperately trying to buy an Estate dining table from John Lewis for quite some time. When they do come available online they sell out in minutes and I’m not fast enough to secure one. Surely such a popular range must be sold by some other retailer could you let me know where to go to buy it ?? Thanks
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Hi Ingrid. The Estate Dining Range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners and is not sold anywhere else. I apologise for the stock issue and thank you for your patience. I appreciate the frustration.

Sue – John Lewis have advised me they do not have any Hemingway dining furniture and have no idea whether they will get any in the future. Surely, someone else out there must be trying to sell your furniture? Please let me know where to go to buy them. Thanks
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Hi Sue, I can assure you that the Hemmingway Dining Range is currently out of stock and not available to buy anywhere else. Some pieces will be available in the next few weeks though. Thanks for your patience.

Deirdre – Hi can you tell me when I can purchase/ order a MIAMI three seater sofa in mustard. “Very “do not have it in stock. Thanks
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Hi Deirdre – I am afraid the Miami sofas are currently out of stock. Best wishes.

Agnieszka – Hi ,I am looking for Camberley 5 drawers chest dark oak, unfortunately your website is not opening when I try to buy
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Hi Agnieszka – The Camberley option you require is currently out of stock. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Annmarie – Hello I ordered via “Very Catalogue” a furniture bundle of Versailles 1 x single wardrobe, 2 x bedside tables & chest of drawers in Indigo & white. I ordered the pre-assembled version to make our lives easier. Unfortunately although I did measure prior to ordering this bundle. When the delivery drivers tried to get the wardrobe upstairs to our first floor it would not go upstairs as ceiling height about 2.5cm to low to allow it to be manhandled into a position to then get it up the stairs.

The drivers suggested I keep the bedside tables & chest of drawers & check with Very if they could provide a non-glued version of the same wardrobe. I found “Very” customer services very unhelpful disinterested & unknowledgeable.

I know you don’t supply direct to the public but was wondering if you could advise me if you do have an unassembled or non-glued version of this single wardrobe that I could order from you or via “Very Catalogue” & what the product or reference number would be that relates to it this non-glued version. Otherwise I will have to reluctantly return the 2 x bedside tables & chest of drawers back to “Very” & look elsewhere.
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Hi Annmarie – Sorry to hear about this. Firstly, we do not supply the furniture so, regrettably, are unable to be of much help. It sounds like the drivers were trying to be helpful but the way the furniture is manufactured and distributed does not allow much scope for requests such as this and your only recourse would be to return the entire shipment.

I appreciate the frustration and hope you are able to find a suitable alternative. Best wishes.

Patricia – I am the happy owner of the Hemingway sideboard, the bureau, the nest of tables and 2 lovely round side tables. I have just moved house and now would like to get hold of the Hemingway console table for my new hall. This does not appear to be available anywhere. Can you please let me know if I am going to be able to get hold of this item and, if so, when and where? Thank you
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Hi Patricia, glad to hear you are enjoying your Hemingway furniture and sorry that you are currently unable to complete the set, I appreciate the frustration. The Hemingway Living Room Furniture range has been incredibly popular and has sold out many times. The good news is that the console table will be restocked in due course but the bad news is that I am not able to give you any timescale as to when this will be. Distribution channels are severely disrupted at this current time and it is going to be while before things return to normality.

I appreciate your patience and hopefully your wait will not be too long. Best wishes.

Deirdre – Please can you advise where I can buy the MIAMI two / three seater sofas. Can’t find where. Many thanks.
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Looks like they have now sold out I’m afraid Deirdre. Apologies for the disappointment.

Cynthia – I am looking to purchase the Conran Balance Wide Shelving in Charcoal. Can you accommodate?
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Hi Cynthia, you will be able to order the balance shelving unit when it is restocked at John Lewis. Afraid I have no information as to when this will be though?

Stewart – Show wood four drawer chest of drawers in nougat. We are interested in this item but John Lewis says out of stock. Is this item likely to be available again in the near future or is it discontinued. Thanks.
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Hi Stewart, yes it likely to be restocked – we are unable to give any specific timeline though. Sorry for the frustration.

Pam – I can’t find any retailer, including John Lewis that currently have stock of Hemingway furniture. Please could you advise me if it is still available and where.
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Hi Pam, the Hemingway range of living room and dining room furniture is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners. For the avoidance of doubt, this means it will not be available anywhere else. I am sorry they currently don’t have the items you are after and appreciate your patience. Best wishes.

Chris – Hi, I am interested in the swirl metal bedframe but note that it’s only available in sizes up to Kingsize. I am looking for one of these in Superking, can you help me please?
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Hi Chris, the Swirl Range is part of the ANYDAY collection, created to offer excellent value for money on a range of products and, unfortunately, this means that not every variation will be available. Sorry for the disappointment.

Sarah – Hi I have a question about the Croft Collection furniture. Is there anywhere I can go and view it? John Lewis do not have it on show in any store currently. Also, I see the sofa comes with 2 scatter cushions….am I right to think that these are not fixed and can be removed or moved if desired? I look forward to hearing back from you.
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Hi Sarah, you don’t say which sofa it is but John Lewis have limited floor space for displaying furniture and some items are available online only. Scatter cushions are not normally fixed in position though and can be moved.

Lauren – I have been waiting for John Lewis to have stock the Ebbe Gehl Mira Ceramic Top 8 – 10 seater extending dining table. they have no idea when they will have back in stock – I need a guide to how long I am going to have to wait – Can you help – I understand there is no where else to purchase this table except through John Lewis
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Hi Lauren – the Mira tables are manufactured overseas and are subject to delays caused by the global shipping backlog. The added complication is that container rates have increased to over ten times the normal rate and John Lewis do not want to pass this this cost on to customers, they are therefore holding back on restocking some items for the time being.

I appreciate the frustration but, with much of the world being on lockdown and the consequent surge in demand for products of all kinds, it is going to be some time before things return to normal. Best wishes.

Cassy – Could you please tell me if it is possible to still buy the Alderley part assembled triple wardrobe in cream and oak please kind regards
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Apologies but but the cream/oak option was discontinued some time ago Cassy.

Sue – I am trying desperately to buy four Hemingway dining chairs with the rattan backs, two carvers and two ordinary Hemingway design dining chairs. I have tried John Lewis from whom I have already bought the Hemingway large extending dining table, two sideboards, two round lamp tables and one oval Hemingway coffee table. Are you able to supply the chairs to me directly please? John Lewis have emailed to say they will contact me when they are able to obtain them but, can you advise me of any other furniture retailer to whom I can go in order to buy the four chairs please. Many thanks
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Hi Sue, The Hemmingway range is exclusive to John Lewis and is not available anywhere else. I appreciate the frustration but the world has been in virtual shut-down for the past 18 months and there are going to be ongoing delays in the distribution process for some time yet. John Lewis will be in touch when the items you require are back in stock. Best wishes.

Andrea – The Regal 3 draw bedside cabinet states the width as being 121 surely this is incorrect, can you please give the correct width. Many thanks
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Thanks for pointing this out Andrea, the correct width is 39cm. Best wishes.

Suzanne – I am a member of the public and would like to buy one Hemingway dining room chair. Please can you let me know where I can buy one.
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Hi Suzanne, you can buy one from John Lewis when they are back in stock. Thanks for getting in touch and have a nice weekend.

Jan – I am interested in the show wood 4 drawer chest in nougat. John Lewis shows out of stock, is this item likely to be restocked.
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Reply – Yes, we hope the range will be restocked in the near future.

Simon – Where can my client sit in an Elevate Power Recliner Armchair please? We are based near Peterborough – a Central London retailer would suit if available, many thanks.
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Reply – Please call John Lewis on 03452 661805 and they can tell you where the sofas are on display near to you.

Alison – Hi, we are very interested in purchasing the Oliver 2 seater and 4 seater. Is there anywhere that we can go to to view the furniture? I have spoken to John Lewis but they do not have this range in any stores. Thank you.
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Regrettably, the Oliver sofa range is not available to view in stores. Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes.

Jennifer – Hi , I went to John Lewis in Cardiff and decided I would like to buy the extending dining table seating 6 to 10, oak. I saw the bench and wanted to buy that too. I went online today to J L and they no longer have the bench and the table has increased from 699 to 799 price. I would still like to buy the table, but can I get a bench to go with it ? Thanks for your help.
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Reply – Hi Jennifer, there are a few tables which could match this description so I am speaking generally here. The easiest way to do this is to go online to and it will show if any stock is available, is being discontinued or you may be alerted when stock comes in.

Regarding the price increase, there have been severe delays in worldwide shipping and the costs of containers has, in some cases, increased 10 fold over the past 12 – 16 months. Inevitably, all retailers will have increased prices to cove this or, simply held off until shipping prices return to normal. This does mean that many items are out of stock at the moment, as you have found, and, hopefully, it will not be too long before the situation improves.

Apologies for the inconvenience and best wishes.

Lydia – Parisian Ready Assembled Mirrored Wide 3 Drawer Chest Hi, I have this set of drawers and have managed to knock one of the handles off with my hoover!! Can you let me know where I can buy replacement please? I can’t fix it back on because I tried using superglue and I have ruined the receiving end on the handle so the screw won’t screw in any longer.
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Reply – Sorry to hear Lydia. The Parisian range is supplied ready-assembled and there are no spare parts held in stock anywhere. You can, however, buy crystal-style handles from amazon and you should have no trouble fining a similar style. You will, however, need to replace the full set in order for a perfect match but they are not expensive.

Lorraine – Hi We have purchased the Wilton ANYDAY dressing table, stool, headboard and bedside tables from John Lewis, but are struggling to find a dressing table mirror to match – do you happen to do one by any chance?
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Reply – Hi Lorraine, the Wilton Bedroom Furniture range does not include a matching mirror I am afraid.

Kaye – Recently purchased the rattan Marlow Garden chair and coffee table. Please can you advise when/if the Marlow corner modular sofa and matching table and 6 chairs will be available ? Thank you
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The Marlow range is likely to be restocked around March/April 2022.

Mike – Hello I would like to purchase 6 Dante dining chairs. Can I do this with you, if not please could you direct me to a supplier, not John Lewis, as they are out of stock. Thanks
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Hi Mike, since the Dante range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners, and they are out of stock, there is not much more I can say other than I appreciate the frustration.

Rick – Is this item available from anywhere? Chevron Round Garden Side Table W40 × D40 × H53 cm?
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Hi Rick, the Chevron Garden Furniture range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners, so no. For more information regarding supply problems with garden furniture please see here…

Lee – I have recently purchased the Athens 4 piece corner set with table and chaise but we are missing 1 cushion, would it be possible to purchase a cushion from yourselves?
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Hi and thanks for getting in touch. If parts are missing than you will need contact the retailer in the first instance. The Athens Garden Furniture range is sold by and the easiest way of resolving the issue is to request a return since they will not have any spares in stock.

Returns and collections are free of charge within 28 days.

Charlie – I’m very keen to purchase the St Ives Garden furniture set and I have been on the ‘notify me when in stock’ at John Lewis. Do you have any visibility on when you/ John Lewis might be in a position to sell this stock again?
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Hi Charlie, I am afraid supply chains are still severely disrupted and it is going to be a considerable time before things return to normal. As a consequence I am not able to offer any further advice other than to say that, since we are now at the end of summer, priority will be given to other types of furniture which are also in short supply and it is unlikely that St Ives range will be restocked before next Easter.

So sorry you have been inconvenienced. Best wishes.

Nita – I ordered the Neptune sideboard from the very catalogue where you have a video stating “DELIVERED TO ANY ROOM” and yet this morning I have had to cancel this order due to me receiving a text stating delivery only to Hall or Doorstep ?
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I cancelled due to being elderly and could not possibly manage to receive such a heavy item expecting one to get it to my Lounge. The video on Very is false advertising this is why I ordered this particular item due to your statement on video. I would appreciate a prompt reply.

Hi Nita, you are correct that the video does say delivery is to any room but this dates to pre-covid when it was a normal feature. Alas, this affects all deliveries and it will be sometime before things return to normal.

Very do have a notice on their site regarding changes to normal delivery services although, I have to admit, the link to this page is not as prominent as it could be.

There is always a chance that the delivery drivers will agree to help you on the day but it is at their discretion and I would not recommend ordering at this time since you would be taking a gamble that may not pay off.

I am sorry this has caused you such inconvenience and hope things change in the near future. At present I am not able to say when this will be though.

Best wishes.

Bernard – Can you possibly tell me who sells the chairs to the radar dining table please?
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Hi Bernard, both the table and chairs are a limited edition range and the chairs have already sold out I am afraid. Sorry for the disappointment.

Paul – Looking at Dante corner garden furniture on your website at £999 but the same one at John Lewis is £1500 can you tell me we’re there is other stockists please?
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Reply – The Dante Corner Sofa @ £999 is out of stock. The Dante Corner Dining Set with dining table and 2 stools @ £1,599 is in stock but there are currently only 4 left.

Anna – I wonder if you can help me, I have a Prague wardrobe and have broken the mirror door, do you have any contacts where I can get a replacement as searching the Internet is impossible, any information you have would be great, thank you.
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Sorry Anna no, it is unfortunate that sometimes glass and mirrors do get broken and it is simply not economically viable for suppliers to keep spares in stock since, although no comfort to you, such instances are incredibly rare.

With similar cases we have advised contacting a local glass merchant who may be able to supply a replacement mirror with the necessary holes drilled out. This is often not as expensive as you might think?

So sorry that I could not have been more help, I appreciate how frustrating this can. Best wishes.

Sue – I bought the 6 part Porto set in white from Marks and Spencer. Unfortunately the back is missing from one of the chairs. Marks and Spencer can’t help replace the chair or the back. Do you know whether it’s possible to buy a single replacement chair?
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Afraid not Sue since the line is currently out of stock. I sincerely hope that M&S offered you a full refund?

anon – Hi, I am wanting to buy the kayla 2 seater sofa from argos however it is out of stock. can you give an indication when it will be back in stock as i will hang on for it to come in. Please let me know if it will not be available for a while and ican look elsewhere.
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furnitureco uk – Sorry but we can not guarantee when items will be restocked but the Kayla range has not been discontinued so, unless it is urgent, you should be OK to wait a while.

Nick – In 2019 we purchased from John Lewis a range of Tokyo units. The units were finished with the 84126003 Drayton, Silver, Light, Band A fabric with contrasting cushions in 8412001 Drayton Charcoal.
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We wish to order an additional matching LHF 120cm large One Arm Unit from John Lewis, but don’t see the Drayton Fabrics on see their website. Can you please advise if the unit can be supplied with the two Drayton fabrics mentioned above. Thank you

Hi Nick and thanks for getting in touch. I believe the Drayton fabric option was a 7-day ‘from stock’ option and not part of the ‘design your own’ selection which explains why this is not currently available.

The 7 day sofas do tend to be a one off design and are not always available later down the line which, as you have found, can lead to disappointment for some customers.

Christine – I want to purchase the Sahara sofa set. The price stated is £799 plus delivery and I understand it is only available from Very, however on the Very site the price is £949. Surely this is not right and if it is ten it is “sharp practice!” Your comments please.
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Hi Christine – The Sahara range has been out of stock for some time and the price listed on here was actually from last year. The cost of sourcing and shipping furniture from overseas has increased a lot in this time and, inevitably, this is going to be reflected in today’s pricing.

The set you want is currently only available to pre-order and you are not obliged to buy it at any price so your claims of ‘sharp practice’ are somewhat off the mark. It isn’t unusual for prices to fluctuate significantly and, ironically, there are never any complaints when reductions are made for comparable amounts.

I am sure you can accept that the difference in pricing is simply a failure, on our part, to update the current price. And, for this, I apologise.

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  1. Hello. Can you tell me where I can buy the small Duhrer sideboard – W112, D53, 80 cm, please? I don’t think John Lewis stock it any more. I’m looking for furniture to match my Duhrer round dining room table that I bought from John Lewis. Thank you. Thank you.

    • Hi Claire, it is an unfortunate fact that such ranges do come to end eventually and this does cause problems for people who want to match pieces they’ve bought previously. There is also the added problem of current supply chain issues that makes it near impossible to predict if or when ranges will be re-stocked.

      Sorry I could not solve this issue for you but I do sympathise and hope you are able to find a suitable alternative.

    • Hi Lynn, it is an old image. The furniture was part of the Bude Bathroom Range available from but it has long since been discontinued.
      Thanks for getting in touch, sorry I couldn’t of been more help.

  2. I have a delivery scheduled to arrive Thursday 15th April ordered via Very. I received a text to say the items cannot be delivered to room of choice and will be delivered to driveway or hallway. If this correct as I will need to cancel the order as I need these items taken upstairs. Have contacted Very but they can’t get through to logistics to check the situation.

    • Hi Louise, with large items delivered direct by suppliers there are different policies regarding social distancing and some are still only delivering to the doorstep.

      Since you have received a text confirming this then this is what is likely to happen. In some instances the delivery guys will go the extra mile if it’s obvious you need help but there is no way this can be guaranteed and, since you may not want to take a chance, you would be advised to cancel until such times as all deliveries return to normal.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Thanks for getting in touch and taking the time to point out this error, which has now been amended. Sorry to say that this outdoor dining set is currently out of stock though.
      Best wishes.

    • Hi Elizabeth, the chairs are from another John Lewis exclusive range which have long been discontinued I am afraid.
      Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes.

  3. Hi I’ve emailed and asked about delivery, could someone get back to me please? Would I have to reply to an email from your delivery company??

    • Hi Charlene, you need to speak to the retailer and be specific about what the problem is.

  4. Ive purchased bedroom furniture through Matalan and I had a text from yourselves with a delivery date , when I replied saying I can’t do that date , ive heard nothing since. Please can you help as Matalan are not replying to my emails . Thanks

    • Hi Kim, we have no dealings with Matalan.

      It sounds like you need to contact your card issuer with a view to making a charge back if Matalan are not responding to you?

    • Hi Karen, thanks for getting in touch.

      Th finish on the white Mira Sideboard is a factory applied Melamine coating, not painted. The units are not solid oak, they are MDF. The oak option has a veneer finish.

      I appreciate the product description is confusing, it does actually say ‘painted’ on

      Hope that helps and best wishes.

  5. Hi, I have bought the Valencia garden range from John Lewis and would like covers for the furniture – 2 seater, single chair and the dining bench. John Lewis do not sell them. Where can I get them from?

    • Hi Baljit and apologies for the delay in replying to your first message. There are no specific covers available for the Valencia range although generic covers are available for most options. Argos and Amazon have a wide selection and there are specialists such as that stock covers to suit all shapes and sizes.

      Sorry I couldn’t have been more help, I really wish there were covers available for every piece of garden furniture we feature – it would make my life a lot easier if there was. 🙂

      Hope you manage to find something suitable and have a lovely weekend.

  6. Can you advise please as to whether items such as a shoe storage cabinet or shoe storage seat will be added to the Grayson range please? I have the Grayson Console in my hall and would like to add a shoe storage unit.

    • Not that I know of Linda but, given the supply problems which currently exist for most ranges, it is unlikely.

  7. My daughter has now had three level dressing tables and mirrors delivered by John Lewis’s but they have not been as described on their web site and like the picture on your web site. On all three occasions the mirror has arrived without the black trim. Has this product been changed because she is now so fed up not getting the product she really wants. Regards

    • Hi Caroline
      How does the product differ from the image below? When you say the mirror does not come with a black trim, how is the mirror fixed to the table?

      • The mirror has pale wood sides. She has not attached it to the dressing table but the last two replacements she checked the box before hand they they too have come with the wrong mirror. She thought originally that there would be black trims to add to the mirror sides but there wasn’t. John Lewis said that they will also be contacting the manufacturer to see if the product has changed. The product she ordered from JL is exactly as on your website but this is not what is being delivered.

        • Hi Caroline, I thought that maybe the mirror supports had not been packed but you have answered that point. In the absence of further information I can only apologize. Unfortunately, we are dependent on John Lewis for the images and it does seem there has been a breakdown in communication somewhere. It does seem that requesting a replacement is likely to have the same outcome so all I can suggest is that you request a full refund as the product is clearly not as described.

          I hope you manage to find a suitable alternative. Best wishes.

    • Hi Danny, no, the chairs will not fit under the table as you suggest. The product image is a fair representation.

    • Hi, I am sorry Milly but, as you are aware, the Telford range has all but sold out. There is a new updated range due soon though.

  8. Hi i recently bought a Aruba nest coffee table in gold from the retailers Very they were missing parts and when contacting the retailers they said to contact the manufactures so I am in a bit of a muddle to who would be able to supply me with the right parts as above it states for us to back to the retailers so this is going back and forth I would like some clarity please could you reply urgently

    • Hi Yasmin, if the table was supplied with missing parts then it should be returned to the retailer for a replacement or refund. Perhaps the confusion arises from requesting the parts as sometimes people do this long after the initial purchase and it isn’t really practical to stock spare parts for every product sold?

      Sorry for the confusion and hope you will be able to resolve the issue. Best wishes.

      • hi but we are unable to return to the retailer as it was a gift we have been contacting the retailer and they said you would need to get parts from the manufacture we only need 2 gold table legs as the bolts will not screw into the ones we have.

        • Hi Yasmin, I appreciate the problem but it doesn’t matter if the item was a gift or you bought it yourself, the returns process is the way to resolve the issue. You are assuming we manufacture this table and we do not; Very will not pass on the manufacturers details to you and, even if they did, there would not be a stock of spare parts since it was a limited edition product.

          I understand this isn’t the response you hoped for but resolution rests with whoever made this gift to you, I am afraid.

  9. I have ordered the Marlow 300cm Mirrored Hinged Wardrobe in Pebble Grey from John Lewis Online and want to purchase accessories but cannot do this on the John Lewis website. I telephoned them and they said that the supplier would contact me direct, but I have not had a call back. I want to purchase an extra 2 hanging rails (at 96.4cm) and was querying the cost of the internal draw unit and if it was at a reasonable price, purchase one of those as well

    • Hi Andrew, the problem stems from the fact that accessories for the Marlow wardrobes were previously only available in stores. Before your items are dispatched you will be contacted to arrange a suitable delivery/installation date and you will be able to arrange any extras at this time.

      Hope this helps and best wishes.

  10. I purchased a 3door Camberley dark oak wardrobe from very , have a damaged L door, they say I have to order a new wardrobe, take the door out then return , I cannot just get a replacement door , seems ridiculous, can I get a replacement door please

    • Hi Rosemarie, the reason you need to return the whole package is because Very do not stock replacement parts, it would be a logistical nightmare. It may seem ridiculous but you may not be aware that there are many requests for spare parts where the customer has damaged the item themselves, sometimes a long time after initial purchase date.

      Regrettably, this is actually the fairest way to do it although, admittedly, it may not be the most convenient for your self?

      Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes.

  11. Hi, I emailed you, as did my husband John, about stockists of Satis wardrobes a few weeks ago. I am still waiting for a response, thank you.

      • Thanks for your reply, I am aware Satis is exclusive to John Lewis but they tell us they no longer sell it! My question to you is, as it is still on your website, where can we buy it?

        • You can’t buy it because John Lewis are no longer selling it. This may change in the near future but, in the current environment, it is not possible to give a definitive answer. The only certainty is that, at this moment in time, it is not available to buy anywhere at all.

          You are aware that global supply-chains have been adversely affected by the Covid pandemic, I assume? There are many products that you will struggle to buy at the moment, this is just one example. I am sorry but I am unable to do anything about this.

  12. SAN Remo sofa set. Advertised at £799.00. When you are directed to Very, it’s £899.00. Why is this?

    • Hi Linda, the San Remo range has is now being restocked and the price you saw here was from last year.

      The price increase will reflect the increased cost in sourcing such products at this current time. The incorrect prices have now been amended.

      Thanks very much for getting in touch and bringing this to our attention. Much appreciated.

  13. I purchased the Lumiere ready assembled 3 piece package through Littlewoods on 22/02/21. My order confirmation states delivery by 08/03/21, yet I have received no communication for you. I booked the day off work and Littlewoods have informed me that you will not be delivering on this day. This isn’t acceptable as someone has to be home to take delivery. Can you advise how long as the telephone number Littlewoods gave to me to contact you will not connect to you

    • Hi Debbie, we have no dealings with Littlewoods and they would not have a contact number for us. I can only suggest that you get back in touch with them?

  14. No messages seem to be replied to! Is there any other way to contact you? I wanted to buy the St Ives garden range. How can I do this?

    • Hi Alice, did you read the message at the top of the page?

      For delivery details, returns, stock levels, assembly instructions or spare parts we will not be able to assist and you will need to contact the retailer directly.

      Since the St Ives Range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners you will need to contact them if you need to know when the range will be back in stock.

  15. I bought a Rouen super king bed from John Lewis but upon delivery they took one look at my staircase and abandoned! Will you be able to let me have information as to EXACTLY how many pieces make up the whole bed and the exact dimensions of each piece? Please pay particular attention to the headboard and advise if it comes in one piece or more. Can I use the bed without the headboard? Is there a way to cut the headboard and reassemble it – I would screw it to a false wall rather than to the bed itself. Any help gratefully received.

  16. Hi, Are you able to buy extra cushions for the Chevron Garden sofa? On the John Lewis website they show the product with 2 side cushions which it doesn’t actually come with, and they weren’t able to tell me what the cushions were or how to purchase them. thank you!

    • Hi Sarah and thanks for getting in touch. You are correct that the image is somewhat misleading and the cushions shown do appear to be a perfect match.

      However, since we do not supply the sofa and were not responsible for the product image, I am at a loss to explain this? It is not uncommon, however, for the specification to change on some products after they have gone into full production and the promotional images have been produced.

      I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

    • Hi Norman, apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

      The Alora range is exclusive to John Lewis so you are not able to buy elsewhere I am afraid. The answer below regarding availability of garden furniture may explain the situation for you.

      I appreciate the frustration but it is simply not economically viable to hold large stocks of outdoor furniture 365 days a year.

      Best wishes to you.

  17. I am interested in Elstra 250cm sliding door wardrobe. I understand I have to buy it from John Lewis. However, I wanted to know the thickness of the mdf used to make the wardrobes, and despite contacting John Lewis they said they don’t know and can’t help me as they don’t have that information. So I was left with no option but to contact you direct as obviously John Lewis wasn’t going to find out or enquire direct with you. Which is a bit of poor show on their account. So I hope you can help me? Please can I know the thickness of the mdf used to make the elstra wardrobes? Thank you

    • Good morning Nicola.
      The Elstra bedroom units are manufactured by a supllier based in Germany.

      The frames are made from High Density Fibre Board (HDP) which is a higher specification than MDF.
      MDF is used for some internal parts such as shelving.

      I do not have to hand the exact measurements of the wardrobes at present but will update in due course.

    • Hi Nicola and thanks for your message.
      I appreciate your frustration but garden furniture is bulky, expensive to transport and to store. Since very few people buy outdoor furniture in the winter, it is not economically viable to maintain large stocks in warhouses where space is at a premium. Whilst doing so would ensure all-year-round availabilty, the end cost would inevitably be passed on to the consumer in the form of much higher prices.

      There is also an added complication due to the Corona Virus pandemic which is affecting the transport of goods in all sectors at the moment.

      I hope this answers your question? You’ll see availabilty improve from the end of March onwards.

    • Hi Nicole and thanks for getting in touch.
      The sideboard and desk are both from the same range with matching finishes. However, becuse both items will have made at different times it is possible there will be a minor difference shade which will be barely noticeable unless the items are placed side by side. This would be the case with any other range of furniture though.

      Hope that helps and best wishes.

  18. I am an agent for Littlewoods catalogue online, I live in Northern Ireland I noticed that you don’t deliver to this part, was looking at bedroom furniture by (Swift Furniture) an noticed you only supply to mainland UK only, was disappointed that I could not ordered these items.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for getting in touch.
      Because Swift furniture is ready-assembled the costs of transport are very high and it would be uneconomic to deliver such bulky items to Northern Ireland.

    • Hi Chris
      The wardrobes are delivered and assembled in a room of your choice direct from the supplier. So, yes, they are delivered in flat-packs but you don’t have to lift a finger, they will even take the packaging away afterwards.

    • Hi Alison
      Yes, we expect the Dante outdoor furniture range to be restocked from late March onwards.
      Thanks for getting in touch.

  19. Appreciate you do not sell direct to the public but John Lewis are showing an 18 week delivery time! I need a large halo Groucho settee in pure dye nutmeg or possibly antique whiskey. Is there anywhere else that sells these items with a faster delivery time please? Thank you

    • I appreciate the frustration Tracey but the Halo Groucho range is exclusive to John Lewis and not available elsewhere. The sofas are very popular and the demand has been difficult to satisfy, even before the current distribution difficulties of teh past few months.
      Apologies and best wishes.

    • Hi Jade, the cream/oak option has now been discontinued. There is now only a choice of grey or taupe.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Hi Caroline, the item is out of stock so you are not able to buy it anywhere.
      Thanks for getting in touch.

  20. On your website you have Kix single and double sofa beds and mention that they are available to buy at John Lewis. On the John Lewis website they are unavailable and ‘not likely to receive any more stock’. My question is – is this product now obsolete or is there stock? and if there is stock where is it for sale? Many thanks. Clare

    • Hi Clare, the Kix sofa beds are a John Lewis product. The sofas have been redesigned and relaunched in the past but this is no guarantee that the same will happen again.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help. Best wishes.

  21. Ordered Bedside table and chest draws through Matalan. On 21st January. Can you tell me when I will receive them please.

  22. Hi I was going to purchase the grey rattan 5 piece dining set from very but it was taken off the same day I was looking at it do you know if they will be restocking it as I would really like to order it or do you know if I can purchase it elsewhere I can see from your site that it is currently out of stock ? Many Thanks

  23. Hi there, I was recently going to purchase a cream and oak dressing table from the Alderley line, as I have the rest of the furniture to match, from very and noticed that the colour isn’t a available choice anymore, has it been discontinued or is it simply out of stock? Many thanks!

    • Hi Alice, the Alderley range has recently been updated and the cream/oak option is no longer available I am afraid.

  24. Good afternoon, We would really like to buy the Walnut dice shelving unit, but unfortunately when i click on the link it takes me to the John Lewis website. I live in Guernsey in the Channel Islands and John Lewis is insisting on charging £115 delivery for this, which on a £239 item is outrageous and I am not willing to pay this. Please could you let me know if I can buy this directly from you and if so how much shipping would cost. Many thanks, Andrew

    • Hi Andrew, the Dice shelving range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners which means you are not able to buy elsewhere. I understand the shipping cost is expensive but it does reflect the actual cost of delivering a bulky package to the Channel Islands I am afraid.

  25. I’ve got a delivery coming to meant to be coming today but I can’t find out from Littlewoods what time it’s coming or anything about it they won’t ring you direct is there any chance you’d be able to tell me roughly what sort of time it will be coming and do we get a notification about it

  26. Hi! I’ve just bought a set of wardrobes from John Lewis in pebble grey but can’t get into store to see the actual colour. Would you be able to colour match the wardrobes against a Farrow & Ball / Valspar / Little Green Paint Co colour card; or share the hex code for the “pebble” colour even? Thanks very much!

      • Yeah providing the wardrobe range would’ve helped, sorry. It’s the Marlow sliding wardrobe in Pebble Grey. I want to colour match some other woodwork in the room to the wardrobe, but don’t trust the colour on my screen as it changes so much. Any help would be great, thank you!

        • Hi Chris, the Marlow wardrobes come direct from a supplier in Germany so there isn’t anything to get a colour sample from other than a screen image which, as you say, can’t be relied upon.

          You’ll see lots of comments here requesting a colour swatch for this range which would be great to have available but since we are at the mercy of John Lewis to provide this option there isn’t much we can do. The suggestion has been pushed up the chain, so to speak, though no news as yet.

          Sorry I could not be of more help.

    • Hi James, the Cuba bedroom range is going to be discontinued and there are only a few items left which is why some pieces are being sold as a package only. It is likely that there is only one 3-drawer chest remaining so you would not be able to buy two in any case.

      Not much consolation, I accept. Best wishes though and I hope you are able to find a suitable alternative.

  27. Hi, I like the Ray four seat garden set in aegeon. It says it is for sale in John Lewis but I cannot find it on sale anywhere. Thanks

  28. Hi, we’ve just been delivered the wrong goods by Very and now the 2 door (sliding) Camberley wardrobe is now out of stock until April. We’ve just bought one, a desk with a stool and need this to complete our bedroom makeover. Are you furloughed and that is the reason why it’ll be April? We’re currently very happy with the product but would think twice about ordering from Very

    • Hi James,sorry to hear about your problem. It is unfortunate that stocks at this time can not be replensihed as efficiently as one would like but everyone involved is doing their best to keep things moving as normally as is possible.
      The Camberley range is exclusive to Very though so I’m afraid there is little I can do on that score.

      Best wishes.

    • Thanks for getting in touch Jane and thank you for spotting this error which has now been amended.
      Kind regards.

    • Hi Jane, the 4-door option comes in 2 sections which are the same size as the 2 door option (Height 197, Width 76.5, Depth 53 cm).

      If you think access is going to be a problem then I would recommend you wait until current Covid delivery restrictions are lifted.

  29. Good day, customer ordered Fontana Ready Assembled 1 Drawer, 3 Basket Sideboard on Very online shopping however their has not been an update since order was placed on 03.01.21 please confirm if this item is in stock or by when it will be back in stock to be delivered to customer.

  30. We would like to buy a Maharani coffee table, which used to be for sale at John Lewis, but no longer. Will they have more stock or are we able to buy it elsewhere?

    • Hi Sally, the Maharani furniture is made in India and, with the current global supply situation, it may be a while before they are restocked.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  31. Hi, can you tell me where I could pick up a grey version of the camberley overbed storage unit from please. Your web site states but they do not do the overbed unit, many thanks, pete

    • Hi Peter, all the overbed options have now sold out I am afraid. I don’t know if they will be restocked but it is unlikely.
      Kind regards.

  32. Hi I just want to know if the Miller Right Hand Corner Chaise With Footstool And Sofa Bed going to be restocked to very I love this product and can’t see it available anywhere now please help.

    • Hi Sarah, the sofa ranges at Very are seldom restocked once they sell out. This does ensure they always have a fresh offering but does, inevitably, leave some people disappointed.

      Best wishes.

  33. Will the Calia wardrobe and tallboy chest of drawers be restocked at John Lewis? I can see that quite a bit of the range was out of stock as wasn’t sure if it had been discontinued? Thanks!

    • Hi Jack, thanks for getting in touch. The Calia bedroom collection is due to be restocked within the next few weeks but, because the range is made overseas, is subject to shipping delays so I imagine not every item from the range will be available within this time scale.

      Sorry I can’t be more specific. Best wishes.

  34. Will the coral bay furniture collection be coming back into stock at I see the cube is on back order but I wonder about the corner set, lounger set or Two seater sofa. Thanks!

  35. Hi. I am trying to obtain a Peru Corner wardrobe in white. We have ordered this through Very and have the rest of the furniture except the corner unit. They are now saying these are out of stock. Due to the fact that we need the corner robe to match the rest of the furniture, I am wondering if you have these in stock?

    • Hi Colin. You can only buy the Peru wardrobes from Very Group and the all white corner option has now sold out. Since the Peru range has been around for a couple of years now, it is unlikely to be restocked.

      Sorry for the disappointment but I thought it best to be honest with you rather than you hang around waiting for new stock to appear.

      Best wishes.

    • The Havard range is a John Lewis exclusive Nicola. These one-off collections are always popular and sell out quickly. It is the nature of such items I am afraid.

      Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes.

    • Good morning Linda, an interesting question but, unfortunately, additional shelves are not available for the Abacus range – perhaps they should be?

  36. I am trying to find where the Monaco furniture set (sofa and 2 chairs adjustable table) is stocked please .. it was at Next last year?

    • Hi Sam, the Monaco set was exclusive to Next but they did not restock due to the Covid situation. Next chose to shut everything down at a time when demand for garden furniture was at its peak. One would expect they have learned a lesson and will be better prepared this time?

      Look out for it in early Spring.

    • Hi Lynn, thanks for getting in touch. In all likliehood the range will be continued this year but, with recent events, nothing is certain I’m afraid.

      The range was very popular last year and did sell out in no time at all so I would watch out around the end of March/early April.

  37. Good morning, do you know anyone other than John Lewis who stock or can supply the Rosemist Furniture range as they no longer have availability. Many thanks for your help in anticipation. Kind regards, Julie

    • Hello Julie
      The Rose Mist range is a John Lewis exclusive, as is most furniture available via John Lewis & Partners. Such exclusive ranges do become very popular but, unfortunately, the benefit of being such original designs also has the disadvantage that they are not available for ever and this does leave some people disappointed.

      Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you manage to find a suitable alternative.

    • Hi Helen, the size given includes the footstool. The sofa is essentially equal width both ways except for the armrest.

  38. Hi there I recently bought a NEPTUNE GREY LARGE 3 DRAWER SIDE from very which we love. Unfortunately the dogs had a chew at the top corner of the unit. I was wondering whether you sold separate parts to the unit ie a new top or touch up paint ? I’d appreciate your help.

    • Hi Scott
      The way the furniture is manufactured and distributed doesn’t allow for spare parts to be stocked I am afraid. This is one unfortunate disadvantage of today’s furniture market which, unfortunately, leaves a few people in a similar position to yourself disappointed.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help. Best wishes.

  39. I would like to know whether you will continue to make and supply the Camford Leather armchair in buffalo antique for John Lewis or any other retailer. I have noticed that John Lewis are currently out of stock and am keen to know where I will be able to purchase from. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Richard

    • Hi Richard
      The Camford armchairs and sofas are an exclusive to John Lewis & Partners. The leather options are somewhat depleted at the moment due to distribution problems which are affecting the whole industry. I am not able to say when, or if, the option you’re after will be restocked in the near future.

      Sorry I can not be of more assistance. Best wishes.

    • Hi James, the 3-door option is currently out of stock I am afraid.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help but I can at least wish you a happy new year and hope that the wardrobe is back in stock very soon!

  40. Hi I’m trying to buy the Morgan King size bed but John Lewis are no longer stocking it. Where can I buy it from? Thanks Claire

    • Good morning Claire. Sorry to hear and I appreciate the frustration. The Morgan range has been incredibly popular and is now being discontinued with only a few items remaining. The King Size bed was, alas, one of the first items to sell out.

      As with all exclusive to John Lewis & Partners furniture, the bed is not available to buy elsewhere. It is always disappointing when ranges such as the Morgan bedroom furniture collection are discontinued but such decisions are out of our hands. There is often a valid reason behind the scenes though.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help and hope you find a suitable alternative.

      Best wishes for the new year!

  41. Hello We’re keen to buy the Marlow wardrobes. I would like to be able to slot them into a gap that is quite a tight fit. For example, it is a 201cm gap and I’d like to fit the 200cm wardrobe. My question is whether the doors for the wardrobe protrude out to the sides when the doors are hinged open? I don’t want the edges of the doors to rub against the walls when opening and closing the doors.

    • Hi Mark, the body of the wardrobe is slightly larger than the doors and this allows a margin of opening space where there is limited room either side. The edge of the door when opened does not, therefore, go beyond the outside frame of the wardrobe itself.

      Hope that helps and best wishes.

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