Miller Ready Assembled Bedroom Furniture

Modern oak finish bedroom furniture

A striking range of contemporary bedroom furniture featuring a distinctive Scandi-inspired design with splayed wooden legs and neat J-profile concealed handles.

Choose from a range of drawer units and a matching 2-door wardrobe each available in light oak, walnut or grey woodgrain finishes complete with contrasting coloured handles.

All made in the UK and come with metal drawer runners, patterned lined interiors and ready-assembled too.

3-drawer bedside cabinet with concealed handles and splayed legs
Miller Ready Assembled 3 Drawer Bedside Chest
With a set of 3 decent sized drawers this bedside unit offers more than just a bit of extra storage space and looks great too.
W46 × D42 × H78 cm
£249 plus delivery
Tallboy 5 drawer chest with oak finish
Miller Ready Assembled 5 Drawer Tall Boy
Tall and slender to make the most of any available space.
W46 × D42 × H119 cm
£339 plus delivery
Wide, contemporary 5-drawer chest
Miller Ready Assembled 5 Drawer Chest
The same height as the tallboy but with wider drawers to take care of all your folded shirts, jumpers and tops.
W77 × D42 × H119 cm
£459 plus delivery
4 plus 4 drawer chest with oak and grey finish
Miller Ready Assembled 4 + 4 Drawer Chest
With eight drawers in total this option is ideal for a shared bedroom or for anyone with a large clothing collection.
W122 × D42 × H98 cm
£679 plus delivery
Modern 2-door wardrobe with oak finish and grey=painted concealed handles
Miller Ready Assembled 2 Door Wardrobe
This slender wardrobe features a hanging rail as well as a wide shelf.
W77 × D51 × H195 cm
£519 plus delivery
Miller Ready-Assembled Bedroom Furniture Packages
Pair of bedside units and a 5-drawer chest
Miller 3-Piece Ready Assembled Package
A wide drawer chest and a pair of bedside units.
£899 plus delivery
2 door wardrobe, 2 bedside drawer units and a 5-drawer chest
Miller 4-Piece Ready Assembled Package
2 Door Wardrobe, 5 Drawer Chest and 2 Bedside Chests
£1,399 plus delivery

*Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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