Mid Century Clothes Rail

Mid-century style clothes rail with shelf
Acacia and ash wood frame with slatted shoe shelf and metal rail
W57 × D57× H175 cm

There are plenty of selling points that make a clothes rail worth the purchase for your home.
For one thing, a clothes rail is a quick and easy storage solution to integrate into any room of your home, requiring very little in the way of assembly or space, while providing a means of hanging and displaying clothes accordingly. Read more…

This particular clothes rail delivers these functional features with the added benefit of a varnished dark wood structure which compliments any interior design scheme.

The shape of the clothes rail is described as an A-shape, with a thinner upper point which opens out to maximise the accessibility of a shoe rack at the bottom of the rail.

Beside the four legs of the frame and the rail which holds the two sides together, this rail is incredibly simple and delivers the functional storage space without overwhelming the surroundings.

Dark ash wood is used to subtly contrast with the already varnished dark acacia wood, spanning both the hanging rail and the shoe rack at the bottom of the piece.

This subtle juxtaposition in wood types gives the overall piece a slightly more elegant finish and makes it look and feel more expensive.

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