Harrogate Bed

Navy velvet upholstered bed frame
Habitat Harrogate Velvet Bed Frame
Available in Double & King
From £415
Navy velvet upholstered ottoman bed frame
Habitat Harrogate Velvet Ottoman Bed Frame
Available in Double & King
From £505

The bed is often the focal point in a bedroom – whether or not you choose an opulent and luxurious bed which deserves centre stage. The fact is that the bed is the number one most important furnishing in a bedroom, and so when it comes to choosing the right bed for you, we are all about delicately balancing comfort with aesthetic design. Read more…

The Harrogate bed comes in two different versions, one a standard bed frame while the other becomes a storage ottoman by opening the frame and lifting the mattress to reveal the storage space below.

With the former set high upon its four wooden legs, while the latter ottoman furnishing sits low to the ground to maximise storage, we tend to find that those with a larger bedroom prefer the deeper finish of the ottoman while compact bedrooms benefit from the light of the standard bed frame.

Despite this one functional difference, both beds exhibit the same velvet fabric and texture, covering the frame in a rich blue which is only enhanced by the rolled head and base board and the addition of button detailing throughout.

Add this to the fabric covered sides which hug the mattress, and the rounded wooden legs, and you have an overall structure which is both luxurious and timeless in design.

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