Penelope Upholstered Bed Frame

Grey fabric upholstered bed frame with buttoned head board and scroll footboard
Penelope Upholstered Bed Frame – Pewter
Navy fabric upholstered bed frame with buttoned head board
Penelope Upholstered Bed Frame – Navy

Bridge traditional furnishings with modern living, with the Penelope upholstered bed frame. Boasting sweeping shapes and lines, bold button detailing, and a selection of modern colour palettes, this bed frame is the ultimate representation of timeless living and presents the perfect focal point for a minimalist or more eclectic bedroom. Read more…

To look at the sweeping shape of the headboard and base of the bed, you will see that the distinct curve mimics the sweeping lines of traditional furnishings and styles.

The button detailing across the headboard is another timeless addition which bolsters the comfort of the headboard and creates a traditional look, while the soft touch velvety fabric and bold colours bring this bed frame into the 21st century.

This bed is available in three colours, spanning a rich grey and a bold blue, both of which work well against a modern colour palette or a more traditional setting.

The end result is a bed which would not look out of place in any kind of bedroom, and which prioritises style and design as well as comfort – holding the mattress in place with a thickset border frame, set upon walnut-look legs.

Oversized and grand, let your bed become the focal point of your bedroom and design your perfect space around it.

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