Swoon Franklin Bedroom Furniture

Acacia bed frame with marquetry pattern headboard
Swoon Franklin Bed Frame
Available in Double & King
From £799
2-drawer acacia bedside table with marquetry pattern finish
Swoon Franklin 2 Drawer Bedside Table
W37 × D40 × H54 cm
2+3 acacia wood drawer chest
Swoon Franklin 2 + 3 Drawer Chest
W86 × D45 × H78 cm
Acacia wood 5-drawer tallboy
Swoon Franklin 5 Drawer Tallboy Chest
W45 × D50 × H111 cm
2-door acacia wood wardrobe with marquetry pattern drawers
Swoon Franklin 2 Drawer Wardrobe
W86 × D55 × H185 cm

Wood, with its natural patterning and variation in colour tones, makes for the perfect material for a modern home. It effortlessly balances texture with colour and aesthetic design and offers a durable finish which matches any and every interior design scheme. Read more…

And no collection quite embraces this versatility and design flair as the Swoon Franklin bedroom furniture range, using the beauty of natural wood in a unique but standout way.

You will notice that every piece in this collection uses the wood’s natural patterning and colour tones as a kind of pattern, layering slats in a herringbone-style format to exhibit and showcase the subtle differences in each cut of wood and in the direction of the wood’s grain.

Whether it’s across the headboard of the bed frame, the drawer fronts of the bedside unit, or the frontage of the storage drawers, this unique approach to natural wood is further enhanced by the light varnish which really makes the grain pattern and colouring pop.

Golden brass handles become a standout detail in the storage units, while the bed retains an elegant simplicity focussed solely on the natural pattern of the wood.

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