Nordic Wardrobes

White 2-door wardrobe with 2 drawers
Nordic 2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe – White
W82 × D49 × H153 cm
Grey 2 door wardrobe with 3 drawers
Nordic 2 Door 3 Drawer Wardrobe – Grey
W82 × D49 × H190 cm
White 3 door wardrobe with 5 drawers
Nordic 3 Door 5 Drawer Wardrobe – White
W120 × D49 × H190 cm
Grey wardrobe with 3 doors, 5 drawers and mirror
Nordic 3 Door 5 Drawer Mirror Wardrobe – Grey
W120 × D49 × H190 cm

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, especially when it comes to bedroom furnishings and the desire for modern units and pieces which also reflect personality and design flair. Read more…

The Nordic wardrobe collection is the perfect example of a furniture range which integrates design into the shape and the detail – exhibiting a rounded border along the top of each wardrobe, which matches the cutout section along the base of the unit between each of the four legs.

The overall design is one of strength but detail, whether you opt for the pure white finish or the soft blue colouring with the natural wood handles.

With regards to the design and build of these wardrobes, storage and functional use are always front of mind.

There are two main sizes available to homeowners, ranging from a two-door wardrobe to a three door unit – with or without an integrated mirror in the centre door panel on the outside of the furnishing.

You will also notice that each of the wardrobes has a set of drawers built into the base underneath the main doors, creating even more storage for folded goods and maximising the use of space.

A neat and simple way to store clothes, in a unit which is as stylish as it is functional.

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