Monochrome Drawers & Bedside

Black mango bedside unit with patterned drawer chests
Monochrome Bedside Table
W35 × D39 × H55 cm
Black mango single drawer bedside table with gold pattern front
Single Drawer Monochrome Bedside Table
W32 × D31 × H58 cm
Black mango chest with 3 decorated drawers
Monochrome 3 Drawer Chest
W94 × D45 × H90 cm
Proof that sometimes the most impactful designs are small and delicate, this collection of bedside tables and drawers boasts a monochrome colour palette with the black structure brought to life with small painted arches in a cream-white. READ MORE…

And with the main body of each piece sat atop deliberately tall and thin legs, everything from the bedside table to the smaller side table and chest of drawers boasts an ornate and timeless aesthetic which is perfect for a modern or more traditional home.

Each piece in this collection is made from mango wood, which despite being painted ensures that the texture across each surface is natural and interesting to look at – while the small black metal handles add to the usability of the drawers.

The collection is made up of a two-drawer bedside table, a single drawer table, and a larger three-drawer chest – with deep drawers across each piece ensuring that the structures don’t just look good but also support modern living and optimise the amount of storage space available.

In terms of dressing these pieces and integrating them into a bedroom or dressing space, the solid black finish of each structure means that they are best placed into lighter and brighter rooms – or else factored into a stylishly monochromatic design space.

If your room is particularly small, keeping the surroundings light will prevent the black surface from drawing to much light.

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