Broadway Drawers & Wardrobes

White 3 plus 3 drawer chest
Broadway 3+3 Drawer Chest
W140 × D40 × H140 cm
White 5 drawer chest
Broadway 5 Drawer Chest
W70 × D40 × H101 cm
White 2 door, 2 drawer wardrobe
Broadway 2 Door, 2 Drawer Wardrobe
W80 × D52 × H180 cm
White 3 door wardrobe
Broadway 3 Door 4 Drawer Wardrobe
W117 × D52 × H180 cm
White 4-door wardrobe
Broadway 4 Door 4 Drawer Wardrobe
W154 × D52 × H180 cm

The first thing you will notice when you browse the Broadway collection of bedroom and dressing room furnishings is that each piece presents an elongated yet subtle design – whether it be horizontally or vertically. Read more…

From the vertical handles used to match the structure of the wardrobe doors, to the horizontal lines which run across the drawer fronts, the aim of this collection is to blend into the background of the space and provide easy access to storage for all of your items

With a sturdy and durable structure, smooth drawers, and an expansive collection of pieces in all shapes and sizes, homeowners have a choice of different designs to compliment their home.

While the four door and four drawer wardrobe offers all-in-one convenience, providing quick and easy access to all of your clothing and accessories in one location, the more compact drawer and wardrobe options are well suited to smaller rooms or rooms with a strange floorplan.

Regardless of how you integrate these items, the blend of the white surface finish and the silver handles retain a modern aesthetic which is clean and easy to decorate and dress around. Want to make your items even more functional? Consider hanging a mirror on one of the wardrobe doors.

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